1. A

    How to remove Ipotek from property?

    Hello. How easy(difficult more likely)is it to remove an Ipotek ? I applied the Ipotek and now want to remove it. Thanks in advance,Derek.
  2. Helenm150

    Ipotek and Inheritance Law

    Hi, can anyone advise in the situation where there is an ipotek on a property and the property owner dies - is the ipotek cleared before the property passes to the deceased inheritor/(s)? Thanks in advance for any clarification. Helen x
  3. M

    Garanti Bank sells Nokta apartments with Ipoteks

    Seems like Garanti Bank is now going to sell the Nokta apartments with Ipoteks on it. All who may be involved in this terrible kind of fraud should contact Garanti Bank and ask them not to do so ... Or a group should go together and begin a fraud case against the lawyers, nokta and the banks...
  4. J

    IPOTEK on a property

    Can anybody advise the procedure and cost of putting/obtaining an ipotek on a property? Many thanks
  5. P

    An Ipotek

    Another one for Celtic when he has a minute to answer. Would it be possible for you to explain for us what an Ipotek is (and correct the spelling if necessary :D ), who you need to consult in order to create the ipotek, give a general idea of costs involved and give an idea of what protection...
  6. P

    hypothec or ipotech

    hi can anyone explain in simple terms what this is. My lawyer has advised me to place one against our tuzla park property to protect my payments which I am happy to do. But how does it protect the payments in simple terms e.g. can I get my money back if it all goes wrong ?
  7. R

    What is an Ipotek?

    Re: Turkey Wild West I am thinking of buying in Turkey. What is a Hypoteque and how does it work?
  8. P

    Ipotek ???

    Sorry to change the subject, but has anybody taken out or in fact heard of an 'ipotek'(Turkish) or 'freeze'(English). As far as I know you pay a percentage of your downpayment in the form of a premium to the Turkish government, who in-turn underwrites a policy to the value of your payment...
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