1. 1

    Ipod problem

    I have just downloaded the new version of ITunes on my mac, to OS X El Captian. All appears to working well, but I cannot play some of music, or move to a new playlist. Clicking on the song, there is an explanation mark next to the song title, saying it cannot be located, and another box...
  2. A89

    Apple Ipod battery change

    Does anyone know anywhere in Alanya that can change an ipod battery? I have the battery, I just need it changed, The Apple store on Yayla Cad are pretty useless it appears and are just playing a being an Apple store. alison
  3. 1

    Problems charging Ipod

    I am having trouble charging my Ipod nano, the problem is random, sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesn't! When I try to charge on my mac, the device is not recognised, so I tried to charge via the mains, again nothing, so I tried charging on my docking station, no joy! So, I tried another...
  4. A89

    Ipod 4 charging

    Ive been told that if I charge my ipod touch 4 on a laptop that doesnt have my itunes on it that it will cock up (technical term) all my music. Is that right? Going to UK for a week and only have the laptop USB charger, my itunes are on my laptop here. :hurt: Alison
  5. L

    IPod touch screen repair

    Help ! I have one inconsolable 7 year old who through no fault of his own has a smashed iPod touch screen. Is there anywhere in bodrum that does iPhone screen replacement ?
  6. L

    Ipod to PC.

    My PC crashed and I lost the lot,everything wiped off.My Photos and music are stored on my Ipod can they be downloaded back to my PC now repaired.
  7. Stargazer Lily

    ipod shuffle

    Help ! I hope someone out there can help me, for some reason I am unable to download and install iTunes on my lap top. I go into the website, it starts downloading and then stops completely. I have tried several times now without success, if you encounter problems it tells you to check your "...
  8. shazeroo

    Win an IPod Touch... for a dollar!

    Seeing a recent thread by Philip about him coverting an IPad touch prompted me to answer him about a raffle where the prize is a brand new IPad... (CORRECTION - I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE - IT IS TO WIN AN OFFICAL APPLE IPOD TOUCH 8GB AND NOT AN I-PAD. I'M SORRY FOR THE MISLEADING POST BUT I DON'T...
  9. Andy

    In Asda. Dual DCR100 Clock Radio with Ipod Dock

    Dual DCR100 Clock Radio with Ipod Dock was £30 now £10. £4.95 delivery or free pick up in store. Dual DCR100 Clock Radio with Ipod Dock | Hi-Fi & Docking Stations | ASDA direct As seen on Hot UK Deals

    Music on to ipod

    How do i put music onto my ipod from my computer. I have done it before but had to put the computer in cos it got a virus and it's cleaned it all out and now i have forgotten hoe to do it. Thanks for your help AGAIN. Jeannie
  11. H

    iTunes and iPod in Turkey

    Hi, A Turkish friend told us that they did not sell iPods in Turkey and that you could not access iTunes from Turkey either. Does anybody know if this information is correct and evt. reason for it? Thanks.
  12. S

    ipod Touch

    I would LOVE one of these (I think) Can any of you lot who are a lot more techno aware than me tell me are they difficult to operate etc?
  13. peter the postie

    Ipod touch e-mail

    I have an Ipod touch, and would prefer to take that to Altinkum than my laptop. I have been trying to set up my e-mail account on it but I'm failing to connect all the time. My nephew reckons that you can only set up googlemail accounts on the Ipod but as I cant find my manual I cant confirm it...
  14. K

    Ipod nano for sale

    Ipod Nano, 4GB, never used, gold/yellow price: 250,- ytl if someone is interested, just let me know... greetings, kerstin
  15. K

    Ipod nano for sale

    hi all! christmas time i bought a new ipod nano for my boyfriend. he doesn t need it, because at the same time he bought a new telephone :-( Ipod Nano, 4GB, never used, gold/yellow price: 250,- ytl if someone is interested, just let me know... greetings, kerstin
  16. Martyn

    Ipod classic

    Sometime ago I posted about what mp3 player to go for and I eventually went for the Ipod Classic 80gb. It is absolutely brilliant and not just for music. I thought I would open a thread and maybe we could share website etc that we use. Obviously for videos there are http://video.google.co.uk...
  17. M

    iPod Dock in Turkey?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if you can buy an iPod Dock in Turkey? Am i best bringing one from the UK in my suitcase? I didn't think to look for one when I was there a few weeks ago, but I can't remember seeing anything much iPod related in the electrical stores we went in. Won't...
  18. Martyn

    Ipod Nano or Classic & Archos models

    Has anyone got one of the above and can give their views on it? I'm thinking of buying one mainly for music or radio podcasts but there are so many models to choose from. I quite like the Nano 8gb and it would probably suit my needs,has anyone got one?
  19. merlin

    Apples's iPod Patent Lapse....

    Computer firm Apple may have to pay Microsoft £6 for each iPod it sells after a huge licensing lapse. Lawyers at Bill Gates' firm filed a patent for technology behind the hugely successful digital music player two months before Apple. :argue: The US Patent Office has ruled that Microsoft...
  20. Mushtaq

    iPod deals

    Try Pixmani for deals of iPods http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/xx/267/xx/15/4/criteresn.html?srcid=198&mctag=uk_10793 Another place for good offers is Dixons at duty free shops, you can call them before you fly to check prices and availability, the numbers can be found here...
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