1. B

    The International Community must get involved in Nigeria.

    Boko Haram attack kills hundreds in Nigeria - Africa - Al Jazeera English At last, the International Community are waking up to just what is going on in Nigeria. The Nigerian Government cannot hope to sort this out on their own. The British Government offered to help...
  2. H

    British/Turkish Divorce question with children involved

    Hi, I have a simple question or two regarding my divorce. I have been married to a Turkish man since 2007 but been living in the UK with our daughter for 2 years. Our marriage broke down after 5 years but we were together 9 years almost. I have been advised that divorce is not necessary on my...
  3. D

    experiences and costs involved with expat insurances please

    It seems i am just about excluded from all meaningful health care in turkey and i was wondering if anyone uses expat health insurance for medical coverage-i am an nhs member back in the uk but require repatriation in time of severe need--i had a comapny called april services pester me once but...
  4. steve & sue

    48,000 foreigners involved in crime deported from Turkey

    This makes an interesting read especially the amount of work permits issued. 48,000 foreigners involved in crime deported from Turkey
  5. Aleynasdad

    When you get involved in a crash...

    As I understand it you now are supposed to fill in a form with the other driver... if you can agree on eveeything and only call the police if you disagree on responsibility. Does anyone know here I can get a copy of this form as I understand we need to keep a copy with us all of the time...
  6. A

    Turkish man involved in alleged real estate profiteering surrenders

    Source: TDN
  7. P

    How easy is it to retire to Turkey - whats involved etc,etc

    I Have just been on the Turkish Immigration site ; Its states that 90 days is the normal for British Visits , If you want to stay longer appears you have like a list of things and send your passport away with proof of pension ( I am only 49 no pension yet ? ) and stuff is this easy ? and once...
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