1. C

    Wedding Invitations

    Hi there, Does anyone know where I could find a stationers / printers for wedding invites? These would need to be in both Turkish & English hence my reason for trying get them done in Turkey. Either Bodrum or Izmir would suit. Cheers, Corky
  2. Aegean Emerald

    Wedding invitations

    Hi all, to anyof you out there who have had need to buy wedding invitations here in Altinkum, can you pass on details. I need to get invitations to bring to Ireland with me in two weeks. Some of the invitations I have seen here are lovely, and I am told they are very cheap by comparison to...
  3. Acamas

    Gmail invitations available

    If you've been wanting a Gmail account with 2.5Gig storage you can get an invitation from here: If you have spare invitations you can donate here also.
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