1. A

    no post invitation just email invitation to owner meeting

    Owners managed to take over the management of our complex in 2017. We are a small site of 16 properties. Mixture of nationalities. No owners live at any of the properties, hence, all communication is done by email. This included the invitation to the owner meeting the following year in 2018...
  2. beyazbayan

    Your invitation

    Dear Mr Clegg İ received your invoıce (as no doubt did all other tax payers) for the big bash you held recently, however, İ did not receive my invite. İ trust you will appreciate that İ have been treated in an unfair manner and look to you to support me when the inland revenue complain about...
  3. J

    An Invitation to Everyone

    Hi we would like to invite everyone to the grand opening of our restaurant this Friday at 3pm.Its called the Sorti and its next to the kutlure centre in Fethiye.We would be delighted to see you and would appreciate the support.Hopefully you will enjoy some free food and drink so it wont cost...
  4. YogiPJ

    Invitation to "Get Together"

    Hi My fiance and I are moving to Turgutreis in 3 weeks! When we get there will be a mad frenzy trying to sort furniture, telephone lines, groceries etc. etc. But............................ When we finally get to sit back and take five on our lovely rooftop terrace with a chilled glass of...
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