1. Tenpin

    Voting With Their Cash, Investors Lose Faith in Erdogan Economy

    Interesting read:
  2. A

    Istanbul’s prime market hit as investors rethink Turkish property

    articles a few months old but looks interesting With the referendum on April 16 endorsing a new constitution, Recep Tayyip Erdogan could become the most powerful president in Turkey’s history. His adversaries, including opposition politicians and an increasingly persecuted media, will not be...
  3. Mushtaq

    85 percent of Turkey’s foreign investors still from West

    Despite increased recent attention to relations with Gulf partners such as Qatar, Turkey remains overwhelmingly dependent on Western sources for foreign direct investment (FDI), according to data from the Central Bank. Data shows that 85 percent of FDI came from the EU, other European countries...
  4. C

    UAE investors win landmark case

    After a long court battle Frank Khoie of Khoie properties an Iranian, has been ordered to pay back up to 800 investors in a failed project on a man made island Marjan Ras Al Khaimah, in the United Arab Emirates. The courts have ordered him to pay back sales and purchase agreements, legal fees...
  5. teosgirl

    Drop in foreign investors in Istanbul

    BUSINESS - Istanbul loses its foreign investment lure in 2012 17.5% seems quite a bit drop from the previous year. Should we be worried about the Turkish economy? I've had a feeling for a while that Turkey will experience some type of economic crisis, the latest trends in mortgages and...
  6. N

    Deska Globale Infinity Express where are your Investors ?

    Investors are not likely. Where are they the investors from Deska Global - Infinity Express? Would it be difficult to resolve a mortgage of our property, so we got our Tapu for us! Why be turned off electric at the construction sites Deska Global electric? It's all a lie. Everything that comes...
  7. Z

    Congradulations !!!........We may be Investors

    I have just been sent some "Accounts"..........i use the word very cautiously. Figures which where provided by Utku in response to a previous request by owners to view Complex Management Accounts. A legal and lawful right which our Management MUST comply with. Now firstly.......i must warn you...
  8. Mushtaq

    New visa rules to encourage entrepreneurs and investors to the UK

    UK Government introduces visa rules to fast-track settlement for high-value investors and entrepreneurs. Foreign entrepreneurs and investors have been given an extra boost today with the announcement that the UK Government has introduced new visa rules that encourage the brightest and the best...
  9. B

    Mpi investors/pines development akbuk

    Hi, I am UK based and have recently been given the opportunity to look into an ivestment within a complex based in Didum, Akbuk. I have only visited Turkey once on part of a cruise and do not know the area and am very time resticted til later next year and have been asked to reserve in the near...
  10. carolk

    Investors in Turkey claim money back

    This is worth a look. Investors in Turkey claim money back - The Irish Times - Thu, Sep 11, 2008 TWENTY-EIGHT Irish couples who invested millions in a Turkish apartments development have been granted High Court permission to issue and serve claims for their money back on the developers.
  11. jane2005

    No more rip offs for foreign investors?

    Seen this article in Today's Zaman, makes for interesting reading.
  12. P

    taxes on overseas investors

    I read a few months ago about the proposal to cut taxes for oversea investors anyone heard anymore news of this?
  13. immac

    Investors to Get Citizenship

    The Fethiye Times (for which I write the fishing section) is running the following story: Has anyone extra information? Foreign Investors to Get Citizenship Friday, 05 May 2006 In a move to attract more foreign investment the Government is about to change the law to allow foreign...
  14. PhilCo

    Turkey bank row worries investors

    Turkey has sought to reassure investors that its economic policy remains unchanged despite a row over the appointment of its central bank chief. President Ahmet Necdet Sezer rejected the Islamist government's choice for central bank governor on Saturday. Investors have criticised the...
  15. VWBug

    Spin-doctor of Investors Opens Office in Turkey

    As the latest example of the increasing interest in Turkey, Merrill Lynch, the biggest financial management and counseling company in the world, has come to the country. After its insistence on not opening a Turkish branch for years and conducting its limited activities abroad, Merrill Lynch...
  16. C

    Turkey cuts tax rates to attract foreign investors

    Financial times Turkey is to slash corporate and personal tax rates in an effort to attract foreign direct investment. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, prime minister, said yesterday the standard rate of corporate tax would be cut from 30 per cent to 20 per cent to allow Turkey to compete for investment...
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