1. yalimart

    Investments and C.R.S.

    This is worth a read for those with assets abroad, even if you think you are not affected, a good number of people think that because they don't live here they are immune or even because they pay tax in Turkey...
  2. D

    Altinkum Property Investments (API)

    Has anyone used this company to manage their apartment? They have been recommended to us today as we are in need of a key holder. Rather than cause any unnecessary offense, if anyone thinks we should look elsewhere private advice may be better than a response on here, but positive comments would...

    Property investments

    Thought some of you folk would find the attached article interesting,nice to see Istanbul coming in 4th. These Are The Best Places To Buy Property In Europe
  4. perfect1949

    serious investments going on in yalikavak

    lets hope they finish what they started , and the sell or rent them , so they just wont be empty shells . dave
  5. lara

    Intersts rates and investments

    Hi Linda I noticed on another thread about interests rates with Garanti Bank, that interests rates were quite high with an added bonus, I always thought that interest and investments were harem. I haven't looked in the Qur'an for any related verses, plus I might be totally wrong.
  6. gren

    Turkish Savings & Investments - Finansbank

    Can anyone shed any light as to what Finansbank are talking about here? Webpage for some Investment thingy. Is it a form of savings account? Any of the financial gurus about? :50:
  7. immac

    Rock Investments

    Anyone with interests involving "Rock Investments" should be aware of impending problems. They are investing in Turkish property through Select Properties ( ) Rock Investments are on the verge of collapse: ( Rock crumbles...
  8. M


    I know this is not turkey related,but,has anybody heard of a company called (world capital partners) it is a company that deals in off plan property investments and sells options to either sell your share or buy property with possible 70% return, can anyone tell me whether they know anthing...
  9. merlin

    Arab investments grow in Turkey....

    Since the less-friendly atmosphere in the US and European Union following September 11, 2001, towards Arab investors, Turkey has since a jump in Arab capital in-flow this year. At the end of 2004, around 200 companies with Middle Eastern (ME) origin began operating in Turkey. A total of $42...
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