1. P

    investing in Turkey

    My sentiments only: Had there not been too much corruption, allowing foreignors buying in Turkey. Surely money would have kept investment in property buoyant. With hundreds of thousands of foreignors selling and pulling out of Turkey. This has not helped the economy. I for one and know a...

    Investing 2014

    At this time of year there is a lot of speculation/comment in the media on what would be the best investments for 2014. Obliviously the coastal region of Turkey 2013 in most cases has not been favorable (to say the least) whilst I suspect those in cities like Istanbul have done much better. So...
  3. niamh

    investing outside of Turkey

    Can anyone tell me if there are any restrictions to us 'resident aliens' in investing outside of Turkey? I have been advised by someone who is finance savvy not to invest any money here (stocks etc) due to the volatile economic situation but he was unsure of what my other options would be due to...
  4. A

    Investing in a Turkish business

    Hi, I have been following this forum for a while and searched around but I struggle finding a clear answer to my issue. I have been reading a lot on invest gov tr and what I cannot seem to find is: Can I invest in a turkish business and get a ROI without being employed in the business? Any...
  5. O

    Real Estate investing in Turkey

    After the real-estate recession, high activity of real investment can be seen as many wealthy and rich people are interested in buying real estate. The profit and return associated with it so high that everyone wants to make an investment but you need to have more financial resources to do this.
  6. Mushtaq

    Investing in US Property

    After the resent thread about this subject I have been doing some thinking and reading up on this, I have a few concernes about this type of investment and wondered if anyone actually involved in this can shed some light or share some ideas. On paper this investment looks good, but as it's...
  7. A

    investing in istanbul

    hi, does anyone know, which off plan development in istanbul is a good investment both in terms of location and future growth and access. thanks ps have very little info about istanbul, all info from locals is greatly appreciated.:
  8. G

    Investing Money in Turkey

    Hi to each and all,I am approaching 60 years of age and like many in the United Kingdom my job in manufacturing is under threat. I recently had a chat with a sub-contractor and he told me of great interest on savings accounts in Turkey..........almost too good to believe but this lad is genuine...
  9. P

    Investing in Turkish banks

    Has anyone any bad experiences with cash investments? We "tested the waters" so to say 12 months ago and so far so good. About to "plunge in" and before we finaly convert to YTL does anyone have any does or dont's to offer please.
  10. H

    Investing money in Turkey to pay for health care in the UK

    I am sure someone will be able to offer advice here. We own a house in Turkey and are trying to sell.(We hope to buy a small apartment afterwards, still in Turkey) My mother in law has had to go into care and we will have to sell her house to pay for her care. Knowing the max interest rate in...
  11. L


    does anyone know the best place to invest in england? :splat: best rate ive found is 6%. can get 10% but thats only with minimum of £1000 paid in each month
  12. S

    investing money in turkish bank account

    Hi, I'm thinking of investing some money in a high interest lira account and wondered how safe this is, ie. what protection do you have should anything happen to the bank, and if you are in England, how do you draw the interest out monthly? Sorry if there is already a thread on this, but I...
  13. A

    investing in Istanbul

    Does anyone know the Esenyurt-Ambarli area of Istanbul? I have just been sent some information on a property there and would like to know what it is like and if it is a good area to invest in. thanks in advance athene
  14. peter the postie


    Hi, We have 2 accounts with Akbank and a relative has asked us about placing an amount of money in Turkey on her behalf. We haven't really looked into the possibilities as yet and would be grateful for any tips/advice etc. So far I have read that interest rates are something between 13% & 16%...
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