1. D

    Oruc invade Iztuzu Beach illegally - again!

    Dalyan Çevre Geliştirme Turizm İnşaat Emlak ve Otel A.Ş. (DALCEV)’s claim to have the management rights over Dalyan’s Iztuzu Beach and their attempt to put their personal bellongings in one of the huts in the beach has arouse a new argument. Tuesday night, a group of people whom claim to be...
  2. teosgirl

    10 years since America took the decision to invade another

    Is there an anniversary to commemorate the deaths of all those Afghan and Iraqi innocent men, women and children who have been slaughtered by the military campaigns in their own countries? I think today I'll be remembering the thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq who have lost...
  3. luddendenturk

    Russian 'Nuke' Bombers Invade UK Airspace

    Two Russian bombers, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, have been caught flying over British airspace. A pair of 111 squadron Tornado F3 fighters took of from RAF Leuchars in Fife to locate the supersonic Tu160 bombers in the Outer Hebrides. They shadowed the Russian aircraft as they flew...
  4. S

    Turkish army threatens to invade Iraq

    Friday morning this was on the front page of my (Belgian) newspaper. So I give a rough and short translation...... Turkey fears the erecting of a Kurdish state in Iraq, and this would ecourage the Turkish Kurds to get a separation. It was general Yasar Buyukanit (someone we have often heard of...
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