1. A


    Hi My name is Amir, I live in Israel. Recently I started learning to play the Nay. Found these forums when I was looking for a Turkish/gypsy tune I heard, played in a meeting of an Arab music ensemble in northern Israel.
  2. N


    To All, My name is Nick White. My wife and I have owned a property in Didim for the past 6 years. We are in the process of selling and would like some advice. When we bought our apartment we were stung and do not want the same when we sell. In affect we are very scared. Please help. Were we...
  3. E


    Hi everybody, My name is Elkhan and I am from Baku. I am 45 years old man. I am azeri and speak Russian, English and learning Deutsche. I would like to find some job in Turkey, please help me , who can!
  4. H


    Hello everyone, I am the newest member here and just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.
  5. C

    This is Celal, with the proper introduction

    I have realized after having posted couple of times, I have not gone through the proper channels. Born in Turkey, however, grew up in America. Married to a wonderful lady who is interested in ethnic cultures, especially Turkish. We are considering buying a vacation property (as foreigners) in...
  6. motherto1

    An introduction :)

    Merhaba! Well, ive forgotten about this part of TLF, so my introduction is abit late.. In the process of buying a holiday home for me and my family (my mother 47 years old, who follows the forum together with me, and little sister 15 years old) in the area of Didim. Im 28 years old, tomorrow...
  7. L


    Hello every body,I am new member here and I am interested to share information and knowledge here,I hope to have enjoying good time.Thanks a lot.
  8. bigred

    bigred introduction

    Hello - I'm a British Expat from Norfolk, living the corporate high life of LA. California is the land of opportunity, but I'm reaching my threshold for appreciating that opportunity! 3 years ago, me and my husband visited the Bodrum Peninsula, and bought a house between Gumusluk and Yalikavak...
  9. Guven's

    Happy Holidays 2011

    A quick hello to introduce :Flower: We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday or stay in Turkey this season and look forward to seeing old friends and new
  10. D


    Hi All I am Mike, I have been watching the forum for a while and thought I should make the effort and join. I live now live in Sussex but worked in Datca from 1993 to 1999 and have had a house there since 1998 and try to get out as often as possible which is not often with three kidds at...
  11. J

    My introduction

    Hi everyone, Guess I'd better introduce myself for anyone who's interested. I'm Jason, currently live and work in London. I'm a software developer for a wine and spirit research company (don't ask how software and booze are connected, it's a loooooooong boring story!!). Engaged to a Turkish...
  12. N

    Introduction of Norwegian

    Hi I just purchased an apartment in Mahmutlar, and hopefully I am going to stay there over some 3months periods during the year. Now I am looking for furniture, jacuzzi and white goods. Maybe someone has some good ideas?
  13. I


    Hi I have been on this site for a while now but have only recently posted so thought it was time i introduced myself. I am Isla, originally from Scotland i have lived in Turkey for about 7/ 8 years. First Istanbul then Bodrum for a while and for the past 5 years Izmir. I live here with hubby...
  14. P


    Good morning I am new to the forum and would like to introduce my self. We are currently still in the U.K, house up for sale and pension applied for so my purpose for joining at this stage is to learn from those with practical advice and experience prior to the BIG move. We have spent a total of...
  15. R


    Hi all My wife and i live in North Cyprus and have done for the past 8 years. We are thinking of relocating to turkey anf have looked at a few places, Kusadasi, and Cesme areas. Can anyone kindly advise on the pitfalls or advantages, re bringing our trnc registered car, furniture etc as we had...
  16. Sirinyergirl

    Introduction from a compulsive traveller

    Hi everyone, would love to take a few minutes to introduce myself to the forum which I joined earlier this year and have stayed quietly in the background until now. I'm Liz, Scottish-born, but haven't lived in the UK since 1999 - you see, I've become quite the traveller since my daughter got to...
  17. DRACEY

    Belated Introduction

    I've been a member now for a couple of years but have not introduced myself before now not for any particular reason but just because I didn't feel that I had anything that would be of interest to say. However, since returning from my last trip to our place in Turgutreis a couple of weeks ago I...
  18. R

    Introduction of reeps/regepnuri ;)

    Hey Reepesh Patel nicknamed as Reeps...i recently visited Turkey Alanya for a 2 week holiday in June and absolutely loved it. Its the best holiday ive ever been to in my entire lifetime. Stayed at the Grand Kaptan guys may think im a little crazy but im actually considering...
  19. V


    Hi my name is Cheryl and husbands name is Alan. We have lived in Ye┼čilkent for 2 and a half years. We both enjoy fishing and watching football. I enjoyed living in Turkey and being retired. Were looking forward to enjoying the forum :nono:
  20. O


    Hi everyone, I'm Sue and have been registered onto TLF for a few weeks and thought it was about time I introduced myself. I'm married to Dave and have two teenage daughters, almost 17 and 15. We live near Bedford and I work with adults with learning disabilities, Dave works for himself and my...
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