1. A

    Just introducing myself

    Hey everyone, My third visit to Turkey and been around about a month now and considering buying something. I will post in the relevant category about the beginning of my journey thus far. I'm thinking of using Istanbul as a travel hub and have a place to call "home". Best, A. S.
  2. C

    Introducing ourselves

    Good morning we are Janet & John just finding our way around things have just taken the plunge and bought a villa on a small site outside Kadikoy Mulga this forum is proving invaluable in navigating our way round the million and one things we have had to do to get this far .Our initial plan...
  3. L

    Introducing myself

    Hello Everybody, I just wanted to introduce my self. My name is Leo I'm 31 and I live in London but originally I'm from Italy. I bought an off-plan apartment in a complex in Dalaman as an investment thanks to a future marina, golf course ect. On my first visit in Turkey last year, I found that...
  4. F

    Hi - just introducing myself

    I'm Martyn... I moved to Kalkan from the UK in April 2013 and I am "living the dream" (or not, depending on your viewpoint). Hope I can be a worthy contributor to the forums. My area of expertise is investments and pensions etc, but I can hear you yawning already so I wont dwell on that...
  5. Webarella

    Webarella introducing

    Hi! I am a mother of 2 kids from Finland. I have experienced Turkey several times as a tourist and liked so much that last summer I decided to purchase a flat for us. So, we are not living in Turkey but we stay there several times per year. I love the warm weather and lying on the pool on the...
  6. A

    Introducing myself from London

    Hi, I am from London and considering moving to Izmir. My wife is A Turkish citizen who is in the process of finishing up her studies. Then we might make the move. I am going to Izmir in a couple of weeks for the third time to have a holiday but also to look into opportunities and how realistic...
  7. scotssteve

    introducing two of my most loved ladies

    A very proud granny & the first grandchild Isla Gemma Thanks to all who sent their best wishes
  8. E

    Introducing 'Expat Alanya'

    Hi Everyone, My name is Nyla and although I don't as yet live in Alanya permanently I am looking to meet expats already living in Alanya. I travel to Alanya a few times a year and Im looking to settle there within the next year or. so. I will love to meet anyone in the same postion as me or...
  9. V

    Introducing Myself :)

    Hi All Just thought I would introduce myself to the forum !! I'm pretty much a major newbie when it comes to Alanya and to forums like this! I have spent three seasons working in marmaris before where i met my boyfriend however he has decided to come back to Alanya to work from now on. I came...
  10. I

    Introducing a second dog

    I am excitedly awaiting a new puppy on the Monday after I get back to the UK. I bought her from litter and she will be 13 weeks old when i take charge of her and she will be first in the house because Peachy has to do six days of quarantine cos my vet messed up. I just wanted to ask the other...
  11. B

    introducing self and car hire

    Hello Everyone Thought it about time I introduced myself and discuss my recent experience with a car hire firm. I have been coming to Turkey for about 27 years, firstly, working and living in Kemer-which was then a tiny village, and then Istanbul. Now I am a regular visitor with my family. We...
  12. N

    HI everyone (introducing Nick)

    Hi everyone, My wife & I (louisa) are hoping to be coming out to Yalikavik regularly. Louisa's father John bought off plan in the Bostanci Karia Homes development (I think it's called blue water??) back in 2005 / 2006. Without going into details we still haven't got the finished flat, but we...
  13. SonnyJim

    Introducing Miss Mollie Mop!!

    I can't believe this has happened. Mollie was owned by a young Turkish man who rented a room in the building next to us. Several days ago I realised he has gone and left Mollie behind. In the summer he refused to get her neutered because he wanted her to have puppies (it makes me so angry)...
  14. D

    Introducing myself

    Hi everyone I'm new to TLF. :smile: Have been an avid follower of the forum since purchasing a property in Didim last October but have only now decided to take the plunge and work out how to join and participate in discussions. Wish me luck!
  15. Niki Fowler

    Introducing myself

    Hi everyone As you may realise I am the wife of James Fowler and usually I just read everything and post under his name but thought that I should join under my own name now that he has bought me my own computer. I have just returned from spending the summer in Yalikavak. It is horrible having...
  16. L

    Introducing myself..

    Hi to you all, Just a quick note about me to introduce myself. I have been following TLF for a number of years and now the kids are all in school, I have time to post ;-) I have lived with my family in Akbuk for nearly 4 years now and from our point of view are all still 'living the dream'...
  17. P

    Introducing myself

    After "lurking" as they say, for quite some time, finally I am introducing myself. My name is Pat, the other half of Dave and we live in Northants although we come to Turgutreis when we can. I will say the post on the eathquake in Essex made me curl up, (I am a Londoner). I hope to making...
  18. ken


    Hi all, I've been a member for 2/3 weeks now but haven't introduced myself yet, sorry. So here goes. My wife Diane, daughter Becki and myself have recently bought an apartment in the beautiful "old village" area of Icmeler, Marmaris. We live in Yorkshire but try to spend as much time as poss' in...
  19. millilove76

    Introducing Leşker...4 days old!

    I have had some wonderful messages from members congratulating me on the birth of Leşker John, born on Friday in Marmaris. Now heres a photo of him (i hope i have uploaded it correctly!). He was 3.75 kilos (not sure what that is in lbs and ounces) and was 52cm in height...exactly the same as my...
  20. I

    Just Introducing Myself

    Hey, My name is Rebekah. I started learning Turkish 10 months ago just from playing online games. I met a really nice Turkish family online and they invited me to come stay with them in Istanbul for a few weeks so I could see Turkiye. It was the most spontaneous thing I've ever done in my life...
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