1. bickern

    When and who introduced tuition fees?

    I wonder where students and their families should be looking when they find themselves so much in debt when they start their new career? Tuition fees in the UK are currently up to £9,250 a year. Obviously on top of this, students are likely to get maintenance loans, so could be walking out of...
  2. D

    About time I Introduced myself

    Hi everyone I signed up with Turkish Living Forum last year because a friend suggested so. Unfortunately, I did not introduce myself as I was just being a little nosey at the time. I live in Turgutreis and came here from the South East of England. I know a few poeople already on the forum...
  3. D

    Smoking ban introduced in Turkey

    Can anyone enlighten me please ? ( excuse the pun ) In todays Turkish paper ( Turkish Daily News ) it say`s ... the government have passed a bill to ban smoking in all public places , Restaurants, Cafe`s, malls, Shops, Banks, and even in tax`is, and many other public places.. also...
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