1. jacklepet

    introduce myself

    hi folks ı am a newbie here and attendıng thıs forum from antalya . ı have been workıng as an englısh teacher in antalya . ı like reading , swimming , and english language most . ı am here because of thıs site is english
  2. Y

    Introduce Myself

    Hello friends, I am a new member in this forum and this my first post.
  3. B

    introduce yourself

    Hi All, have apartment in Gumbet for the past 6years but just came across this forum recently. Have bank account in Finansbank in Bodrum from which I pay electricity bill. This is an investment account and does'nt suit as amounts are not large and I never know what my actual balance is as they...
  4. F

    I better introduce myself

    My name is Fleur and I live on the outskirts of Kusadasi with my partner, my young daughter, 5 dogs, 1 Van cat and a donkey. I used to post a lot on a certain site, but it became too politically motivated and members were forced to agree or go. I along with many other decided to go. Anyway, I...
  5. A

    I would like to introduce myself...

    Hi everyone, im not very loud so I'll keep this quiet and respectful. Im english and have had the pleasure of meeting few but important turkish people to me, they taught me things i never could learn without them being in england. I love turkish food, and thankfully have had the pleasure of...
  6. P

    Let me introduce myself

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum albeit i have been reading your posts for a few months now. All very informative and at times extremely funny. At times extremely sad. So a big hello to all and thanks to a brill forum. Forgot to say have recently moved to the wonderful Kusadasi and enjoying...

    Introduce myself.

    Hello to all, Have been going to Didim,Altinkum for a number of years our place is near 365 Bar, the area of hunters valley as vastly improved other the years a quiet location and the beach and everything only a short walk away. Looking forward to our next visite September 2010.:438qr:
  8. sasa

    Hello to all

    Hi there, I'm Lisa, from the North of England, now living in Antalya. I made the move just over 4 months ago so i could be with my future husband (FH) & am experiencing all the usual delights/frustrations of living overseas with a mix of bemusement, excitement & apprehension! I hope to utilise...
  9. K

    introduce myself

    Hi, my name is kirsty. and yes I am yet another soul that has fallen for the charms of alanya. I have visited twice this year and will be out for a 3rd time soon. I look forward to bringing something to the table of the forum and gaining valuable knowledge from your kind members. I hope to find...
  10. KKOB

    Should We Introduce Turkey To This ?

    Look out for the bloke in the thong !! :lol: Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling - The Big Picture -
  11. G

    Introduce yourself

    Hi everyone, I have a house in Dalaman near Eska, my wife .is a member and I have just registered, I have found that the forum is very interesting and informative,I myself would move to Turkey tomorrow if I could persuade my other half. My interest are Turkey,Golf,Rugby League(Leeds Rhinos &...
  12. P

    forgot to introduce

    Hi All. I have been on the forum a couple of months now and just realised i never introduced myself. My name is Peter and my wife is Sandra we live in Sunny Oldham Lancashire and we have bought through Emrag on the Tuzla park lake resort. I have become addicted to this forum and i read it every...
  13. R

    Hi just wanted to introduce myself

    Hi all, just joined this forum mainly because we are thinking of buying a holiday home in Bodrum Peninsula and are travelling to Bodrum today....just wanted to say this forum is a life saver...we wouldn't be half as wise about buying in Turkey if it wasn't for this forum, and I keep coming back...
  14. G

    hello - may I introduce myself ?

    good evening everyone - my name is Gerhard - my wife Doris and I we live in Akbük during the winter and in Hooksiel near Wilhelmshaven (Germany) when it is summer. I found this forum via google and I´m glad, to find some names of persons who I already know. I think, this forum will be a good...
  15. S

    Introduce myself

    Hi my name is Sid and along with my wife, Terri, live in North Shields facing the Royal Quays Marina just outside of Newcastle Upon Tyne. 3 years ago on a visit to Bodrum, i was introduced to a family building firm and i think i was bit by the Turkish property bug. On my return home, i...
  16. S

    time to introduce myself

    Hi I have been looking around on this forum but only lately started posting a lot more, so I guess it's now time to introduce myself. My name is Beatrice, I live with my husband and our 2 small children in Gundogan- Bodrum, where we have a small business in real estate and Property Service...
  17. S

    Let me introduce myself.

    im tracy,lived in marmaris alltogether for 13 years,yes a long time,first went there for a holiday and then meet my partner,we are still together,but have deceided to leave marmaris and start a new life in Kas near Antalya.I have been a manager of a travel company and done various work there,my...
  18. A

    introduce myself

    Hi My real name is Arthur and i am married to Hazel and we have 3 children and 6 grandchildren . We are from Neath in s.Wales and have bought a 3 bed penthouse in Altinkum and are very happy with the purchase ,cannot wait to go back out next year. art2
  19. Andywebb

    Ministry plans to introduce Chinese courses

    Ministry plans to introduce Chinese courses in schools In todays Turkish Daily News, what next a Chinese Takeaway on every corner! Alanya I know has one Chinese reastaurant and one Welsh Indian Restaurant !! :crazy: I suppose it beats getting taught "French" or is this a change of direction...
  20. M

    introduce yourself

    Hi everyone, My husband Michael and I went to stay with our friends in Fethiye who have just moved out there this April. We went to Daylan first then fethiye we loved all of it, the quiteness of Daylan and the hustle and bustle of Fethiye. Our friends told us that you could live out here on a...
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