1. T

    Bank account fees for int'l transfers

    I've looked for this question on here, but didn't find it. Can anyone tell me how much Turkish banks charge for an int'l transfer to the US if you have an account with them? Western Union charges approx. 3% and I'm wondering if it's cheaper to open up a bank account and use the bank to...
  2. Yogi

    Int'l Money transfer UK - Turkey

    Hi, Does anyone know the best way to transfer money bewteen a UK bank account and a Turkish bank account? Most banks/building Societies will do it but their charges seem to be quite high. The Post Office or HiFX will do it for free but you have to transfer £20,000 or more (unlikely in my...
  3. G

    New Route starting Summer 2006 from Norwich Intl Airport to Bodrum

    Flying every Monday (May to Oct) with First Choice and Unijet see
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