1. suzyq

    Turkish Army Can Be Used To Intervene

    The government has paved the way for Turkish Land Forces soldiers to be used to intervene in acts of terrorism and public incidents, as tension grows in the country, with 30 Turkish security forces recently killed in three separate attacks in three days by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party...
  2. bickern

    Intervene in Iraq and Syria or Britain will face terror attacks

    Tony Blair this morning said Britain needed to take action in Iraq and Syria - or face terror attacks in at home. The former Prime Minister said the UK needed to intervene to stop a 'total disaster'. He insisted that he was not calling for troops on the ground - but suggested the 'selective use...
  3. A

    police intervene Ankara

    Police attacking tricky election protestors in Ankara with TOMA and pepper gas
  4. A

    police intervene Taksim

    Police intervene started Taksim and Istiklal street police intervene thiusands protestors and Gezi park entrence closed. Media censorship as always nothing in the media.
  5. Mushtaq

    Anger over Blair's bid to intervene in court case

    From David Charter in Brussels TONY BLAIR was accused last night of abusing his position by writing a secret personal appeal to the Turkish Prime Minister to stop his country’s courts imposing heavy fines on a British company. In the private letter leaked yesterday, Mr Blair appeared to...
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