1. Tenpin

    News New Report: Internet Freedom in Turkey

    New Report: Internet Freedom in Turkey had a score decline for the third year in a row Extract: Freedom on the Net 2021 finds that internet freedom in Turkey had a score...
  2. Tenpin

    News Rate of internet users in Turkey rises to 82.6%

    Rate of internet users in Turkey rises to 82.6% Extract: The number of internet users has increased in Turkey while household access to the internet has also seen an upsurge, the Turkish Statistical Institute...
  3. R

    Question Internet installation in Turkey

    Hi. We're hoping it won't be too long before we are able to visit our new apartment in Sunrise Apartments. We would want to have to the Internet installed to stream TV etc. Do we need residency or are we able to get Internet with a Yabanci Kimlik No?. Any suggestions as to the best provider? Thanks
  4. S

    Internet and Council Tax

    good morning.Given the covid restrictions on travel I would be interested to know if I am able to pay council tax by internet .I am sure this must be possible but not aware of the email address (Didim) or requirements for the system. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. immac

    Slow Internet

    Connecting to Internet is problematic tonight. Speedtest shows normal speeds, but actually getting data/connection/Web pages is another matter. Very slow. Pages taking minutes to load, if at all, with some sites timing-out. Tried to go through VPN, and could not get a connection to VPN abroad. Ian
  6. Tony07

    Satellite Internet

    Does anybody have this in the Guzelcamli area? My internet is rubish so I would like to get something a bit more reliable. Any info on cost packages etc would be most welcome. :hail:
  7. E

    internet usage

    Could someone please tell me how to check my home internet usage with turk telecom .ttnet . cheers
  8. S

    Is it wrong to want internet at this coronavirus time?

    Hello, I would really like to get some internet sorted at my home. I live up in the mountains near Göcek Fethyie region and have terrible phone signal. Sometimes I get edge data. But not anywhere near enough to do a video call. It would be really nice to video call my mum and dad back in the...
  9. bickern

    Snagfilms - Internet TV

    Snagfilms - Philanthropic Movies and TV Shows online For those of us looking to discover something different, SnagFilms has over 2,000 movies, TV show episodes, eye-opening documentaries and exclusive original comedy shorts. There is something to watch for everyone! Stream FREE video content...
  10. L

    KKTC Turkcell (LifeCell) Internet Experience

    Hi all I would like to share my recent experience of the Turkcell internet service, they call it Lifecell - BUYER BEWARE. I have my mobile phone with them and just prior to Christmas I received a number of texts offering their Internet service at a good price. So I spoke to a salesperson and...
  11. Tenpin

    Russia successfully disconnected from the internet RuNet disconnection tests were successful, according to the Russian government. The Russian government announced on Monday that it concluded a series of tests during which it successfully disconnected...
  12. gally

    Internet down?

    Hi Is anyone in the Side/Manavgat/Antalya region having probs with Turk Telekom internet? I'm only getting 0.8Mbps for some reason. Anyone else experiencing problems? Thanks
  13. Tenpin

    Internet group brands Mozilla ‘internet villain’

    Interesting article relating to one of the most popular browsers. Internet group brands Mozilla ‘internet villain’ for supporting DNS privacy feature. An industry group of internet service providers has branded...
  14. E

    info needed on Alanya internet

    Can anyone help we met someone who is looking for internet, you can turn on only when they come over on Holiday to their apt ,in the Alanya oba area .
  15. T

    Internet Quality

    Once again we are finding that Netflix and YouTube viewing is frequently interrupted by an inconsistent internet connection. A speed test can show 6Mb/s one minute then zero the next. We're in Side, Kemer Mah: is this a general problem with landline internet or is it due to penny-pinching by our...
  16. S

    Internet kusdasi

    HELLO, Please can anyone help my wife and I get internet in our apartment,we do not have residency permits, we have tried turkcell joy, thought maybe someone new a way around it, using data on sim is too expensive for Android TV etc, hope you can help, so great full. EVIE ,Scott.
  17. Tenpin

    TTNET Alternatives

    Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for alternatives to TTNET? The reason for asking is that we called them out to a fault recently (line dropping and reconnecting hourly) which they diagnosed as our lines only supporting 8mbps. Strange as our line had worked perfectly at 16mbps for the...
  18. A89

    internet stability today

    Anyone else using TTnet in Alanya having problems today? alison
  19. J

    Internet connection

    Hi All We are coming to Yali next year for 6 months 2 lots of 3. Does any one know if we can buy a 6 month Internet connection to use in our modem/router. Up till now have been buying 15 GBs from Turkcell which has been not very successful. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jodwina
  20. S


    Hello, please can anyone suggest an internet supplier that can install a receiver and modem, in our apartment, then pay monthly for connection,I read about dayda net, but it is not available in kusadasi where we live, anything similar in kusadasi ,thanks in advance.Scott.
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