1. D

    Internal from Dalaman

    Morning Everyone, Just been searching on the Turkish Airlines for internal flights out of Dalaman seems to me that only Andalou Jet do anything direct without having to go via Istanbul ?? Tried Turkish-Onur-Pegasus-Sun and Freebird am I missing some one some where ?? Many Thanks
  2. G

    Internal wifi

    Hi all,First post is about wifi within the house or rather lack of.With all the concrete and steel do you find any particular router or devices help as I was thinking of bringing one from the UK like a BT home hub but not sure how i'll set it up.What do you think?Thanks Glenn

    Internal doors

    Having decided to replace all the internal door in my house (am I mad!!!) could any of you fine folk recommend a company on the Bodrum Peninsula or there a bouts, that make and install internal doors. Obviously I have seen the offerings in the likes of Koctas but they are not really what I am...
  4. jandj

    Internal flights

    I am travelling to Istanbul on Pegasus from Izmir, great prices, £36 return. Do they serve alcohol on these flights and if not can you take your own, ie a beer.
  5. S

    Internal flights

    Hi My husband and I have an apartment in Avsallar which we are going to end May.We are planning a trip to Instanbul whilst we are there. Can anyone tell me whether it is cheaper to buy flights and accommodation in the UK before we go or book with a travel agent in Avsallar Thanks. Sian :hmm:
  6. teosgirl

    Pegasus internal flight sale

    Pegasus are having a 3 day sale (it's the second day today!) finishes tomorrow. Return internal flights *selected routes* including tax 60tl for bookings between November this year and March 2012. We've just booked for New years in Istanbul - at those prices you'd be crazy not to!:12: Pegasus...
  7. gerald

    Internal flights - Another option?

    Seaplanes: Now a young entrepreneur, Kürşad Arusan, who grew up in the U.S. in aviation circles, is going to connect our coasts with each other. Arusan, who has been a manager in many airline companies in the U.S., recently founded Seabird. The company is now waiting for permits from the...
  8. mrkeith

    Internal Flights for goldtrail victims

    With people now desperately trying to ressurect their travel plans I have noticed that people are arriving in places like Dalaman and Bodrum with their destination 300km the other side of Turkey. There is no three lane motorway or rail links only mountain or coastal roads so people might want to...
  9. pineapple1

    Internal Flights !!

    Dose anyone know if theres an Airline that flys from Bodrum to Antalya , I have heard that sun express do but i'm not sure , ....I know i once enquired about Dalaman to Izmir but they said no that flt was to short , so i'm wondering if Bodrum to Antalya is also to Short can anyone help...
  10. Glen

    King size mattress plus one internal door

    We have recently bought a Memory foam mattress so our previous mattress needs a new home. It is King Size, in immaculate condition and has been slept on for a total of three weeks. We also have a new internal white panel door complete with lock and key. We will accept any reasonable offer but...
  11. T

    Ministry of Internal Affairs investigate Nokta Development

    Well I ll be to the point and I ll try to be polite. And I am sorry to the other members who were helpful to me. I have had a recent developement in regards to the bandits at Nokta. Yesterday I received a call from a Mr Kusheri Ican, the Turkish Commissionaire to Bangkok. This is in response...
  12. paddington bear

    Internal flights

    Does anyone know if there are any direct flights from Antalya to Izmir. I am wondering as I thought it may be easier to fly up to Izmir when our stuff arrives from the UK as I don't fancy all that way on the bus or hiring a car and driving up as the other half gets road rage here in the UK so...
  13. H

    Turkish Internal Flights

    Hi, can anyone point me to a website that will list internal Turkish flights? For example where can I fly to in Turkey from Bodrum or Izmir etc. I am trying to get to Kayseri and have spent sooooooooooooo long trying to find a site that does this I am about to give up. Many thanks
  14. C

    Another option for Internal flights

    Pegasus have a website where you can book the internal flights between Istanbul, Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Trabzon & Van. the site is available in English, but for some reason, the booking tool is only on the Turkish version!
  15. kiaya

    Internal Flights

    As Bodrum Airport is shut for international flights through the winter, has anybody had experience of flying from Dalaman to Bodrum and what are the costs and frequency? Paul & Arlene
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