1. A

    Interior paint

    Hi Can you give me the Turkish name for white interior gloss paint. Thanks art2
  2. R

    Need interior sold or american shutters...anyone help or recommend carpenter. Bodrum.

    Hi all, I want to install internal shutters, solid or America louvre style (open shirt type). Can anyone recommend where/who etc. Also a god carpenter needed. Thanks
  3. P

    Metal interior paint?

    Hi all, I am going to undertake the tedious job of rubbing down my metal internal spiral staircase and redoing the metal in a simple brilliant white gloss. Would anybody have a recommendation and importantly a translation into Turkish of a high impact white gloss paint for metal (steel)? I can...
  4. Firebrand

    Interior Minister ┼×ahin

    I've just read this report on the Turkish interior minister, who makes Prince Philip look like a liberal: Painfully Funny! | Al Akhbar English And this story about an 'anonymous' style group who took his website down, in protest at his behaviour. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - Redhack takes down...
  5. M

    Is there a need for American Interior Designers in Turkey?

    Hello all, We are very excited about the possibility of our move to Turkey from the Boston / Northeast coast area of the U.S.. Everyone seems so friendly and it looks incredibly gorgeous! Yes?! My question that hopefully someone will have some input on is whether or not the other expats on...
  6. C

    Interior Wall Paint (Emulsion)

    Can anyone help . I wish to by some interior wall paint , but i am not sure what is what.I have looked through the tekzen and koctas leaflets which seems to have made it even more difficult. I have searched the forum and found some information but still not all i would like. Can anyone tell...
  7. C

    Painting and Interior Decorating Service

    Hi All, Just wanted to mention that I have found a really good family run business offering painting (Interior and exterior) and interior work (kitchens, lighting, ceramics, flooring and design). So many of us organise this through our estate agent/property management company and end up paying...
  8. M

    Interior Walls

    As the bricks used in Turkey seem to be of the "constructed from holes" variety, can anyone tell me how you get fixings in these for, say bookshelves, etc? Are there special plugs available for use with these bricks? There must be some method when considering that cupboards in the kitchen and...
  9. M

    Interior Window Sercurity Shutters

    Is it possible to get these in Altinkum they must be interior?
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