1. teosgirl

    North Korea prepares strike against US interests

    North Korea Rocket Strike Threat Targets US OK, I know absolutely nothing about the North Korea/US situation. I'd be interested to read any comments or opinions from members who know why North Korea is hostile towards America (mind you, who isn't nowadays?) and what they foresee happening in...
  2. T

    Same interests?

    Hi, I've been living in Turkey for some time but not met many people with same interests, but would love to do so. If anyone is interested in following writers please send me a pm. Dione Fortune, Colin Low, P.Manly Hall,Ted Andrews, Drunvalo, E.Tolle, Greg Braden, Carlos Barrios.
  3. D

    Anyone with commercial interests here - Answers

    Re: Important - All Estate Agents please read Totally agree with you Mustaq. Even more so that even HireCars, Furniture, House sitters, resturants & bars etc should also declare any interests they have. In whole anyone running a Turkish Business. Dippey
  4. Mushtaq

    Important - Anyone with commercial interests here

    A number of our members have vested interests in estate agents or are representatives for estate agents, or are in a position to make financial gain from being a member of this forum. This conflict of interest may influence their posts. So, for the sake of all our member, please come clean, and...
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