1. D

    Bridge ... anyone interested ?

    We are looking for Bridge players locally, any standard, male or females, individuals, or pairs, who live in the areas of Fethiye, Calis, Ovacik, Hisaronu, Kaya .. who are prepared to travel to Hisaronu to participate in `Duplicate Bridge sessions` ( not rubber Bridge ) If interested, or...
  2. K

    Interested in Dalaman area for full-time home?

    Hello to all on TL--so glad to have found this site. I am an American (don't hold that against me, ok? :-) ) And wish to visit the Dalaman area this January and February, looking to find a retirement home area for me. I am a fairly young retiring teacher--and as such am looking for some good...
  3. bal canavar

    I Would be interested to know

    I would be interested to know what our knowledgeable posters think on how the Turk lira will go in the near future ? will it reach 3.00tl or more for £1 or will it fall ? My interest is that I have been lucky enough to inherit a small sum and would like to invest .Your views would be of some...
  4. K

    Anyone interested in doing TEFL with me?

    There's a very good course starting in September in the old city and I'm looking for a few people to come on board so we can ask for a group discount. Its a serious course, led by a former uni professor from Akdeniz university and a native English speaker from London. This is a 1 month full...
  5. B

    private message me if interested in my sale apartment in Marmars

    I have an apartment for sale...if interested please contact me...its in centre of Marmaris cheers liam
  6. Mojive

    Im Interested in you thoughts on this.

    No driving licence until you say if you will donate organs | Mail Online
  7. Mojive

    Only Adele fans will be interested!!!!!

    For all fans of Adele......just letting you know I am off out tomorrow evening to see her on Stage at the Southampton Guildhall,really looking forward to this one, now its an all standing event so I am not sure how close I will get to the stage for taking photos. But I will try, I have to say I...
  8. rosewall1

    My BG blog for those interested

    Here is the link to my BG blog which is of course going to be ongoing. Mels Got Nits/2011/03/
  9. S

    Interested in living in Alanya

    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum due to being interested in seeing what life is like for expats living in Turkey and have heard a lot of lovely things about the Alanya area. I've heard that the climate is the best/warmest during the winter months, compared to the western coast of Turkey...
  10. P

    Shrek scores again.

    From toy boy to sugar daddy? Wayne Rooney cheats on Coleen again with 21 year old hooker | News Of The World
  11. Lindacm

    Anyone interested

    We had planned to drive from Dalaman back to the U.K at the end of Nov; Unfortuntely I have to go back before due to a family illness. My husband would still like to drive back but is not so keen on travelling alone. Would anyone like to travel back with him and share the travel costs? He can...
  12. zozatky

    Interested in your local Weather.

    A very good Web site for up to date Weather patterns in you local area. Check it - Kusadasi, TURKEY - 15 Day Weather Forecast - Local Weather Forecasts
  13. W

    Interested in forming owners group?

    Hi everyone I own an apartment at Yasmin Gardens and having read various forums I am very concerned about what is going on. It is obvious that the majority of you feel the same and we all seem to be receiving different advice and information. As an owner who is unable to spend much time in...
  14. P

    Newbie solicitor interested in Turkish legalities

    Hello all, My name is Pip and I am a practicing English solicitor with a family home here near Kuşadasi. I practice in all forms of English law, however I tend to specialise in immigration, cıvil and property law. Whilst here in Turkey, I intend to use the ensuing weeks carrying out a study into...
  15. L

    Uk get together for Bodrum home owners/or people interested in Bodrum

    Hi to any folks with a home (or thinking about having a home) in Bodrum region. Member of Turkish Living Forum ' ginola542 ' helps organise an informal get together to have a drink, a chat, swop ideas, photos and daydream about laying in the Bodrum sunshine !Nice idea for networking. :)...
  16. merlin

    Turkish Lessons.... Anyone interested?

    Noticed an advertisement yesterday for Turkish lessons this winter in Kusadasi - if anyone is interested please post here and I will get the information. Merv!
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