1. J

    Bank interest rates

    Good afternoon, I have 100 000tl to deposit into a 12 month bank account. Could anyone advice me on the best interest rates/banks available. Thank you in advance - Jenny
  2. J

    bank savings interest rates

    what are the interest rates on savings in the garanti bank at the moment for turkish lira for 12 months
  3. christella

    interest rates England

    interest rates down from .75% to .25%
  4. B

    Bank interest

    When you purchase a property, obviously you have to have a bank account, I have been told that the interest is a very good rate, is this correct given the state of economy at present.
  5. S

    Bank Interest Rate Offer

    Just a quickie. I am going to leave the HSBC and take my balance to another Turkish bank. They are simply not doing enough to keep their loyal customers in my opinion. The best I can get from them for 100000TL is 20% ( they are offering 27.5% for new customers). I am interested in hearing about...
  6. P

    e-deposit interest calculator

    Anyone have a link for this It was on Bodrum bulletin but cant find anything now Thank you for replies
  7. T

    Interest rate ın Zıraat and other banks

    Hey Does anybody know about the interest of the vadeli hesap in Ziraat Bankasi? Two years ago it gave me 8 percent as far as I remembered for 10000 tl. It means that, every month it pays extra money for my main account. 65 tl for months with 30 days. It is not a yearly vadeli and the advantage...
  8. oldfogy

    what's the current interest rates

    Time to awake an old question, which is, can anyone enlighten me on banks and their interest rates on Time accounts, obviously rates will vary with the amount being put on deposit so for arguments sake lets assume 250,000TL
  9. IbrahimAbi

    Conflict of interest?

    A senior executive from the company that made the insulation fitted to Grenfell Tower is reportedly an adviser to the government on building regulations. Technical director of Saint Gobain UK, which makes Celotex insulation, is reportedly also on the Building Regulations Advisory Committee...
  10. christella

    Interest rates England

    We should be following USA and be increasing interest rates by the end of the year YIPPEE
  11. suzyq

    Turkish PM warns banks to cut interest rates

    Turkish PM warns banks to cut interest rates or gov't will 'take its own measures' Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım on June 21 urged Turkey’s banking sector to cut interest rates, saying if it does not then the government will itself take forcible measures. “The train is about to leave...
  12. M

    High interest account

    Hi all,can anyone advise on higher interest accounts?Like which bank pays best rates etc?Appreciate any help and advice!
  13. stmary

    Interest Rates

    Been in HSBC this week and our Interest rate has been cut to 9.75%,it has been going down steadily since January when we were getting 12%,is this happening to anyone else with the HSBC,and are other Banks,eg Garanti,Deniz etc offering any better? This is based on monthly set at every 31...
  14. RedBloodedHound

    Public Interest Lawyers Closed.

    Last three paragraphs: Iraq War: Public Interest Lawyers closes down - BBC News
  15. christella

    interest rate

    rate has just been halved to .25in england
  16. Leo

    Interest rate

    Hi folks, looking for some guidance. Preparing for our move to Turkey and looking for best interest rate for our money in Turkey. Happy to keep this in pounds, euros or TL. Not interested in exchange rates etc, as this is a permanent move. Thanks
  17. J


    would anyone be able to tell me what is interest rates on savings in Turkish lira at the garanti bank for a 12 month period thanks:Flower:
  18. K

    interest rate Ak bank

    Hi everyone anyone know what the interest rate is and has been for the last 4 months, been in nick for 4 months and the barrister wants his ackers.
  19. S

    Turkish edeposit or time deposit interest rates

    Hi, I'm looking to deposit some savings into a different bank in Didim, we currently have savings in Denizbank, but are looking to spread some of 'our eggs out of the basket'. Can anyone help with a good interest rate on a 31 day account? Many thanks in advance
  20. christella

    Interest on your bank account

    Anybody sat down and checked the amount of interest that they said they will give you I know they take out 15% tax but I can't get it to add up right maybe There is another charge they put on
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