1. Spurs


    I wonder what the Dutch people think about the current protests by Turks in their country, is it a good advert for integration? Netherlands ban Turkish ministers as dispute escalates | Fox News
  2. Spurs


    Well they did try.................. :ukflag: Sainsbury's in Singhbury's Aylesbury shop name sign row - BBC News
  3. newhorizon

    Expat integration in your country

    According to the latest Migration Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), expats face many integration issues when moving abroad. The index ranks 31 countries on how easy they are for expats to integrate into. While among the top ranked countries are Sweden (*Rank 83) and Portugal, the bottom ranked...
  4. L

    Assısted integration

    :eyeye: hi all, real name is Lorna, Leyla was bestowed on me by one of the many friends av made here in Altinkum :thumbup: :thumbup: .... Been here two months now, left Co. Durham end of Feb. Love the place and the people to bıts; leavıng me family n fiends was the hardest thing av ever done...
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