1. W

    Intasure Top Up House Insurance

    I went into get renewal quotes for house insurance yesterday and got two from Groupama and Axa. I wanted to compare the differences in cover/premiums with what Intasure had quoted me - a much reduced quote from Intasure as compared to last year. I was warned off Intasure by a UK staffed Turkish...
  2. B

    Intasure Insurance...Tax Ref Number?

    Received this from Intasure today regarding our Holiday Home. Any one know about this? Thanks..... We need your help This is an important notice about your Turkish property insurance. When you purchased your property in Turkey, you would have been allocated a Tax Reference Number and any tax...
  3. M

    Any Feedback re Intasure?

    I'm just renewing my house insurance and have received a quote from a UK based insurere called Intasure. This is much, much cheaper than the quotes from the broker in Turkey. Intasure seems to offer very much the same level of cover. I'm keen to accept their much lower price. But it seems just...
  4. newhorizon

    House Insurance -Intasure v's Turkish companies

    I've moved this post from another general thread asking about insurance companies. My question is more related to experience with dealing with any of the insurance companies i.e communication and if anyone has made a claim, how easy and successful was it? I've had a renewal from Intasure...
  5. D

    Dalaman Insurance v Intasure

    Like some others on this forum I have been a bit taken aback by the policy renewal increase levied by Intasure. Does anyone have any experience of Dalaman Insurance( goes through Aviva Insurance! ).They appear to be significantly cheaper. Any other views about the competition around.?
  6. L


    Can anyone tell me rough price for their insurance for 2 bed apartment, buildings and contents?
  7. E

    IMPORTANT: Update about Intasure House insurance

    There may have been something on this before about Intasure but I want to inform people about the current situation. Today I received a letter that said Turkish residents (those of us who have Ikamets) no longer qualify for house insurance on our properties in Turkey. The only people Intasure...
  8. R

    Power Surge in Yalikavak & Intasure

    Don't know if this is the right place to out this but recently August we had a power surge on our complex at BWB and many of our owners found that items had blown. TV's, Washing Machines etc. My items where: 4 A/C units Iphone Charger, Laptop & Charger, Sound System, Clock Radio, Complex Router...
  9. E

    Intasure Insurance

    I have spoken to Intersure today and they have assured me that they are fully authorised to insure properties in Turkey they have a Turkish Insurance partner and they are under written by Lloyds of London.The Turkish government having been telling people they are not covered but they are if you...
  10. teresa


    I queried my cover with Intasure as we use them and we are resident full time in Turkey and this is themain part of the reply I received - please query for yourself if you have any worries. They confirmed my policy is valid and I am covered. Some of our clients may be aware of a communication...
  11. T


    hi,intasure are now asking for passport number to be passed on to turkish goverment,does anyone know why
  12. W

    Intasure and Passport details

    Hi all, just wondering if any other members use Intasure to cover their property, and if so have they had a request for their passport number to be sent to Intasure. We received a letter about 10 days ago and they say they have to have this info as the Turkish Govt. want details of anyone who...
  13. gren

    Intasure NOT recommended !

    I am posting this to warn others about Intasure. Having found winter water damage at my property in April due to unprecedented rainfall and storms, I phoned Intasure and told them. I then proceeded in that week to get my own estimates of damage and cost to repair.. I phoned them again and they...
  14. S

    Intasure insurance problems - advice please

    Hi, Back in feb this year, we were notified by our maintainance man that there had been very heavy rains at some point, he had checked our place out for damage and found that it had been seriously flooded. The walls, ceilings, moldings, plaster and even the exterior rendering were all damaged...
  15. G

    Intasure in Turkey ???

    I saw an office in Altinkum and it says intasure. Does anyone know about it???
  16. newhorizon

    Accidental Buildings or Contents Insurance YES/NO? Intasure Hiscox etc

    Well known Insurers INTASURE have been regularly contacting me regards insurance on my new build apartment in Turkey. I am undecided as yet. Last year had quotes from Hiscox too. It's a 2 bed apartment with a total living area of 102m 2 I am undecided about a couple of things: Is Accidental...
  17. R

    Dask - Intasure - Top Up

    We have recently insured our property through Intasure. We already have Dask Insurance in Turkey organised via our Management Company. As yet we haven't seen a copy of the policy but will pick up the documents when over there next weekend. On renewal with Intasure we were informed that the...
  18. S

    intasure insurance

    hi all, does anybody on the forum use intasure for there holiday home insurance, if so are they a good company to deal with, thanks chris
  19. W

    Great Intasure Service!

    Hi All, We arrived at our apartment in Altinkum on the 25th May to find two items of furniture had been damaged by water. We went to our furniture suppliers and got them to right out an estimate of costs to replace them, took photos of damaged furniture and when we arrived home on Monday 2nd...
  20. M

    Good news from Intasure!!

    Hi everybody, As many of you know, we suffered quite a bit of storm damage in Yalikavak on 28/29 January. Thanks to good tips from TLF members, I was able to find weather reports for the dates in question and forwarded them as well as various newspaper reports to Intasure insurance with my...
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