1. Akasya

    Insuring vehicle

    A Turkish citizen , resident in the country is considering owning a motor bike on my behalf , someone i trust implicitly. I will meet all costs and expenses , i will notarise an agreement absolving said citizen of any responsibilities. My question is can i do this , can i insure the vehicle ...
  2. D

    Insuring your guests

    For those of you who rent out your properties, is it considered necessary for the owner to insure the people who rent the property from you? They will have their own holiday insurance arrangements in place.
  3. S

    Insuring UK car in Turkey

    Can you insure a UK registered car in Turkey at a insurance broker
  4. Mushtaq

    Insuring your Turkish home

    There has been a lot of confusion around insurance of your Turkish properties. I have been doing some research and here are my findings; Every propery has to have the earthquake insurance which costs around £30-£40, you can't get your deeds until you have this insurance, this is done for you...
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