1. ted j


    Does anyone know what the fine will be for not having the new insulation fitted ? I know it's been stated that it will accumulate in following years if it's not done , with a higher fine each year
  2. A

    External Insulation of Turkish Property?

    I recently asked for an estimate to paint the outside of my apartment,the painter told me that from 2017 I would need to have external insulation fitted to the property ,this applied to all properties built before 2011,can anyone throw any light on this subject
  3. B

    Property Insulation, anyone used Filli Boya company?

    I am trying to find anyone whom has used Filli Boya for insulating there property. I was told this has become popular in Alanya. I would be interested if you know of any companies offering this type of service. I have also posted this enquiry on the Antalya site as this is where the company is...
  4. John O' Dreams

    Cavity Wall Insulation

    Have you got yours filled in?
  5. A

    property insulation

    Has anyone in marmaris area had their property insulated. If yes, is it effective , what,s the cost and who done it, thanks.
  6. P

    Building Insulation requirments

    Can any one give me any information on the building insulation regulations that became law in 2008. Was this only for new builds after this date or is it in fact going to be made retrospective and all buildings / complex would then have to be brought up to this new standard ?. I have been...
  7. J


    External plastic cladding or external insulated blocks? has anyone had this type of work carried out recently? if so, any ideas of costs, recommendations, preferences etc. Would be grateful for any feedback or experiences you may have come accross. Would like to have this type of work done to...
  8. C

    thermal insulation

    Has anyone heard about the new law about getting thermal isulation for the properties? A friend of mine ( architect ) told me that it will be madatory next year to have thermal insulation done for the properties.
  9. culturevulture


    Following on from a couple of threads on here about electicity and heating, can anyone give me some advise regarding wall insulation, please? I am looking for something that can be applied to the interior of exetrnal walls. Has anyone on here done this type of insulation. What was involved...
  10. KKOB

    Insulation & Draught Exclusion

    Now that winter's on it's way I know several people who're gonna need some of this. :wink: Look-out for it in supermarkets. They'll have it in stock soon.
  11. rosewall1

    Insulation info.

    What I need is some information from someone who has had their house cladded with what look like polysterene sheets. I am considering having this done but before I go to the expense I would like to hear from someone who has had it done and lived all year with it. We have been told that it is...
  12. KKOB


    Now that the cold weather's here, you need plenty of this. :wink:
  13. immac

    New Insulation Law

    From TDN: Heat insulation to be mandatory Thursday, October 23, 2008 Turkey is wasting $7.5 billion every year because homes are not properly insulated, said the head of the Heat Insulation Industrialists' Association. A new regulation making insulation mandatory that is due to come into...
  14. H

    Roof Insulation

    We have a large appt on Gokduman Cad. 439. Sok. The appt was built nearly two years ago and was used as a show appt for a period of time.The roof of the appt is of the corrugated panel type. Can anybody tell us if there should be insulation installed between the ceiling and the roof to cut down...
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