1. R

    Question Internet installation in Turkey

    Hi. We're hoping it won't be too long before we are able to visit our new apartment in Sunrise Apartments. We would want to have to the Internet installed to stream TV etc. Do we need residency or are we able to get Internet with a Yabanci Kimlik No?. Any suggestions as to the best provider? Thanks
  2. bickern

    Download Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 Installation Media — Legally

    You can reinstall Windows from scratch using the product key that came with your PC, but you’ll have to find installation media yourself. Microsoft offers free Windows ISO files — if you know where to look. These tricks let you reinstall Windows without visiting a shady BitTorrent site and...
  3. bickern

    Is this the craziest art installation yet?

    Tate Gallery spends £30,000 on pyramid of 6,000 oranges costing £5 EACH - which visitors will then be encouraged to eat, Pyramid of Oranges by Roelof Louw. Visitors are encouraged to eat an orange - which works out as £5 each but actually cost 8p each. Someone really needs to get the sack...
  4. W

    LPG installation in Turkey.

    I currently have a 2 year residency permit which expires in October 2015. I drive over to Turkey usually twice a year for 2 to 3 months at a time. When I buy a car I always have it converted to LPG in the UK . However this time I am seriously thinking of bringing over my new car to have it...
  5. W

    Lpg installation

    Just wondering if anyone has had their car converted to LPG in Turkey. Certainly prices are much cheaper but does anyone know the process and price of having it registered.
  6. W

    Legal Installation or not

    We have had a Turkish family install solar water system on the communal roof of our complex without going through the legal procedings and in accordance with the turkish Condominium Law. The issue was not discussed in a committee meeting, no approval or record of the proposed work was written in...
  7. M

    curtains installation

    I bought curtains and poles from IKEA. I will be in Bodrum/Gumusluk only for a week in Yalikavak to deal with this. Anyone can give me coordinates for someone that can do the installation What price should I expect? If I have to install myself - what drill and drill bits do I need - never lived...
  8. A

    Nilesat Dish installation

    Hi Can anyone suggest a place from where i can buy a dish and also have them install it for me for Nilesat. I already have a decoder etc and just need someone to come and install a dish.. Any suggestions contacts would be most welcome. Thanks a
  9. F

    Satellite Installation in Belek area

    Hi Folks, Im looking into satellite installation options. It would appear that the most common choice is 19.2E which provides BBC World,AL Jazeera,Boomberg and CNN International. Can anyone recommend an installer in the area and a rough estimate of cost ? Hell need to get up on the roof but...
  10. T

    BB recommendation, AC installation

    Hello All, We are planning to visit Yalikavak towards the end of August. We own a house there but unfortunately didnt have a chance to visit for nearly 8 years. We would like to stay in a BB in town the first couple of days until we get the house cleaned and ready. Possibly install an AC...
  11. U

    Large Satellite TV Installation Companies

    Hello all, Who are the largest & well established reliable British owned satellite TV installation companies in the area please ?????? Many Thanks Charles
  12. P

    Phone installation, how long does it take?

    Can anyone please tell me how long it takes to have a phone line installed in southern Turkey after making the application? Thanks, Phil
  13. N

    Kitchen and bathroom installation

    Can anybody tell me what length of time we would be looking at to get a new bathroom suite installed including tiling and a fitted kitchen, including appliances and tiling. Want a good job doing if anybody can recommend anyone, in altinkum area. Not sure how quick the guys work out there and...
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