1. bickern

    Install Linux on PC

    Haha, I will leave that to Middle Earth. LOL
  2. bickern

    Hakintosh - Install Apple OS X on PC

    Those that know me know that I run Window, Linux, Android and OS X (sad to some I know but I do have my reasons) on this PC. For those that fancy having an Apple OSX system running on their PC here is the guide for all flavours. Hackintosh Instructions, Hackintosh How To Guides...
  3. A

    Linux Mint XFCE – Install & Setup

    I believe a couple of members have downloaded & possibly installed Linux Mint XFCE. As I am well versed with both Mint and Ubuntu XFCE desktop environments I though I would offer the benefit of my experience to anyone who may be interested. As this introduction to one of Linux finest operating...
  4. R

    Pay as you go electric meter install

    Does anyone know if it is legal / possible to fit a pay as you go electrical meter in Turkey
  5. M

    Install vinn wifi

    Complete technophobe here, son installed this last year got new sim and credit this year but keeps saying modem not found on my laptop. Connecting fine on phones. Used to have plug in dongle prior and think maybe this is what it is trying to connect to. Hope this makes some sense and someone...
  6. T

    Install 2nd Language on laptop?

    A friend once instructed me on how to install a second language on my Windows laptop, unfortunately I've forgotten how to do it. I want to be able to use both English and Turkish letters on my English Querty keyboard. Anybody know how please. Simple step by step instructions needed. I'm fed up...
  7. A89

    updates wont install

    Hi, having problems installing updates again. Ive disabled zone alarm but 6 updates still wont install. Im getting error message 80070BC9 Can anyone help? Im using windows 7 if that info is needed.
  8. ted j

    Don't install updates

    If you run windows, don't install the latest updates, there is something wrong with them. I'll try and post the link this afternoon no time now. Ted
  9. M

    Air Conditioning install - is it messy?

    we want to get a few air con units fitted into our new build, will there be much mess and how long do they take to fit them? Moe
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