1. J

    living with chronic insomnia

    Hi everyone, I am living with chronic insomnia which requires monthly health check and sleeping aids. I wanted to ask if sleeping aids like dexzopiclone and tradozone hydrochloride could be bought OTC or if I need a prescription of a locl doctor. Since this is a chronic disease, I would also...


    i just wondered why you are up at this time of the morning or {night]. I'm used to getting up early so when i'm wakened that's me up, can't go back to bed cos i'll end up with a sore head. Just being nosey and curious. It's when i see posts that are through the night i think "god it must be...
  3. Andy


    Does anyone else suffer from lack of sleep. I get possibly 2 good nights kip a week but even then i'm up 3 or 4 times. So far tonight iv'e managed to sleep between 11-00 & 1-00 now 5-30 i may get 1 more hour before i get up at 7-30. Some-one recommended MELATONIN sleeping pills you can't buy...
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