1. S

    Health ins over 65

    Just a quicky- Is Private health insurance available in Turkey for over 65s Cheers
  2. J

    Allianz Ins

    Hi, Would anyone happen to know the telephone number of Allianz Insurance office in Ortaca. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks
  3. juco

    Changes to Ins policy commissions

    Whilst this is a good move although some companies are already doing this and have been for years it is not a level playing field ..why dont they disclose what the top guys in management have been paid in bonusses as one way or the other the customer is paying for it. Once again those near the...
  4. J

    Break Ins In Altinkum

    We were in bed at our Complex (Altan 2)last month and we were broken into. They came in through the Living Room window and stole 2 Bags containing our Passports, all our Cash, 2 Phones, a Camera, the Door Keys and my Wifes Watch. They also took a Laptop and Hard Drive. We were going home that...
  5. R

    builder BALATU ins emli til stl

    hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this builder, the first name is definitely how it is spelt, but not 100% sure about the rest of his name, he was the sub contracted builder who built my apartment 4 yaers ago, and i would like to get in contact with him.Does anyone know of his...
  6. S

    Long Stay Trav Ins

    Not for the first time travel supermarket has come up trumps again for long stay trav ins-£42 for 5 months. I think £8 a month is excellent value-some other sites were looking 3 times this price
  7. N

    car ins and tax in turkey

    Can any body tell me if you have a turkish car but not in turkey all of the time and the car is off the road, do you have to pay for car tax and insurance for the whole year, or can you cancel the insurance and get a refund and sorn the vehicle off the road like you can in the uk ??.
  8. A89

    Excellent travel Ins for people on back to back 90 day visas?

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this thread but Ive been racking my brains trying to decide what to do about health/travel insurance when I move to alanya in a few weeks time. I've spent many hours trawling the internet trying to find travel insurance that offers cover for unlimited...
  9. N

    ATOP - Break Ins

    Hi All I have an apartment on ATOP and have had emails from fellow owners that there has been a number of break ins recently. Has anyone else heard of this? I was lead to believe that there was 24 hour security on the site now but if so it obviously isn't very effective! We are going out mid...
  10. P

    Universal health insurance

    I saw this article in today's TDN about Universal health insurance, can some one help about it. What will you do if you have a health problem? - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review Now it would seem we have to register by 1/10/10 where do we do this in Didim?
  11. T

    break ins

    what is happening in turgutreis. Within 2 weeks two of my friends houses have being broken into and alot of damage caused. Two years ago my irish neighbour in turgutreis was broken into twice within a week and the thiefs were in children bedrooms while they slept. Now they have sold there house...
  12. willip

    break ins on site

    just a warning for anybody with property in Akbuk bay, we are on Sunset Bay and we have had two break ins during the day, one couple just went to the supermarket and the other villa the family were around the pool, they locked the patio doors but did not put the shutters down. both times a...
  13. willip

    D.A.S.K Ins

    could anybody tell myself how much this Ins is this year. my Brother has been given a quote for £149 for this year and i have been thinking i am sure it was only £50 last year. is this a set payment that the Turkish goverment say how much or is it up to each Insurance company to quote their own...
  14. K

    break ins on marina road.

    we were broken into in early hours of sat morn. they jimmied open a side window. and took cash ipod and phone and wedding ring since then there have been 2 other break ins that we are aware of less than 500 yards from us. it was very upsetting to realise they had got in while we were asleep.
  15. A

    break ins at Yesilkent

    Please be careful as there has been a few break ins at Yesilkent.....last night the owners and guests of a villa in Yesil went to the Blue Restaurant ....and were there 3 and a half hours and when they returned the whole house had been ransacked, phones, wallets and money
  16. K

    break ins in Yalikavak

    I thought that everyone should know that there were break ins last night around Yalikavak. Three villas on the Azelea site and also at club flipper. Items were taken. The Jandarma were called. This is quite a shock to me, I always thought of Yalikavak as being a safe place.
  17. GnD

    Break Ins get window iron work or window alarms

    Sadly have to announce that the oh so familar early hours break ins, detailed on other town boards, have come to Dalaman. Around 4am two of the 12 properties were singled out. Fortunately, the second had someone sleeping downstairs so they were disturbed and the break in foiled. I only...
  18. leylaasena

    Car Ins question

    An English couple buy their MA plate car new from a dealer. The car ownership papers are in the wife's name as she pays the deposit with her credit card but the insurance in done in the husband's name as he is the one who will actually drive it. Is the husband legally allowed to drive the car...
  19. C

    Tourist Visa, The Ins And Outs.

    Hi It`s Me Again, I`ve Been All Over The Site And It Appears, That The Ideal Solution To Most Things/probs Is (as That Fount Of Info "starman" Advises ) To Get A Residents Visa, But Just How Far And How Long Can You Use The Bog Standard Tourist Visa??i`ve Talked To People Over In Turkey Who Pop...
  20. M

    break ins in kalkn

    (COLOR=purple)xxx(/COLOR) hi just wanted to ask has anyone sufferd a break in in kalkan some one tried to break into our place i belive being told by a freind who lives in turkey it is the workers they bring down from the east in winter to work such a shame dont you think mikkie :pressie: :pressie:
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