1. Jaycey

    Ink Cartridges are a Scam!

    Ink Cartridges Are A Scam - YouTube I think our Maisie may find the final solution the best one :)
  2. M

    Where to buy refillable ink cartridges in Didim?

    where in didim can i refill ink cartridges thanks
  3. J

    printer ink

    does anyone know a shop in kusadasi that would fill ink cartridges instead of having to buy a new one for a printer
  4. S

    Ink Cartridges

    Where can I purchase Epson ink cartridges or I would even make do with good compatable ones any help appreciated I have an R320 printer which requires six cartridges,thanks in advance
  5. A89

    Ink cartridges refilled?

    Is there anywhere in Alanya where you can get ink cartridges refilled? I had one sent over from England because they are so expensive here but its almost run out already - much faster than they do normally so I think maybe the heat dries them out.
  6. Squeaky

    Turkey refuses to ink EU readmission deal

    Good morning: Following the EU’s failure to take step on a visa facility for Turks upon opposition from some member states, Ankara has declared it will not sign a readmission agreement. Saying the EU's decision did not meet Turkey's expectations, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu told reporters...
  7. newhorizon

    ink cartridge bomb 'timed to blow up over US'

    The bomb found on the cargo plane at East Midlands Airport last month was timed to detonate over the eastern seaboard of the United States, Scotland Yard have said. The device, which was removed from a UPS aircraft by Leicestershire police officers shortly after 3.30am on October 29, was timed...
  8. V

    Where 2 buy ink cartridge??

    Hello, Does anyone have any idea where I may buy a replacement ink cartridge for my printer? Many thanks
  9. zozatky

    Printer Ink Cartriges

    getting new cartriges around here is a nightmare my canon Pixma MP 140 is very popular but difficult to find cartriges in Kusadasi. Try this next time you are running low on ink I does work..!!! Just a tip.
  10. D

    Ink Cartridges

    As most of you know the cost of replacement cartridges for your printer are a little bit extortionate over here. Does anyone know of a shop where they can actually REFILL the spent cartridges. Any comments would be appreciated. davethebus :dooh:
  11. Struggs

    Free Ink Cartridge

    Unfortunately, only Canon or Epson, so that counts me out. New customers are welcome to order a free cartridge.
  12. Andy

    Printer Ink Cartridges

    Recently purchased some Epson cartridges from for the stupid price of £8-50 for 5 colour & 2 black. They are brill, in the shops they sell at £13 each so there's a saving of over £70. :w00t: Iv'e now been using them for 3 - 4 weeks and the inks are still quite full. They...
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