1. suzyq

    At least 50 killed, 200 injured

    At least 50 people have been killed, including at least two police officers, and more than 200 injured after at least one gunman unloaded hundreds of rounds of ammo on a Las Vegas country music festival on Sunday night. There were 30,000 people in attendance at the event. The Strip has been...
  2. bickern

    More than 20 injured by man with axe

    BREAKING: More than 20 injured by man with axe on train in Germany A MAN with an axe has injured more than 20 people after going on the rampage on a train in Germany. The man then went on the run, with a huge police force, including a helicopter, in pursuit. A police spokesman confirmed he...
  3. simpsons

    Injured RAF Sergeant

    This is disgusting. Britain is be becoming too PC and pandering to minorities Hospital moves RAF veteran out of A&E because he was wearing uniform | UK | News | Daily Express Those in charge need sacking
  4. suzyq

    2 Dead, over 100 injured at HDP Rally

    2 separate explosions occurred with 5 minutes. Two dead, over 100 injured after explosions at milestone rally of Turkey's HDP - LOCAL
  5. Jaycey

    Harrison Ford plane crash leaves actor injured

    Actor known for roles in Indiana Jones and Star Wars films reportedly conscious and breathing after crashing small plane on golf course in California. Harrison Ford plane crash leaves actor injured | Film | The Guardian [Comment] “The FBI suspect Harrison Ford's plane crash was a deliberate...
  6. suzyq

    1 Dead 5 injured

    One dead in Didim building collapse
  7. juco

    Scotland, 7 killed more injured.

    This is awful: Glasgow bin lorry crash latest - BBC News
  8. M

    Injured dog in Bodrum

    Is there anyone on here that has anything to do with helping the street dogs. There is a dog roaming with a broken front leg and what looks like a large tumour on its back leg. A lady found it and tried to take it to the vet but it was closed. She has now flown home but is very concerned about...
  9. Mushtaq

    Two die, eight injured after flash flood in touristic canyon in Muğla

    Two people died and eight were injured July 20 after being trapped inside the Saklıkent Canyon in the southwestern province of Muğla due to intense flooding, with the mayor describing the deaths as “fate.” Some 46 tourists visiting the canyon on July 20 when they were caught by a sudden...
  10. Mushtaq

    Many reported injured in Istanbul shop blast

    A large explosion has rocked Istanbul, Turkey's most populous city, leaving many people injured. Early reports say that the blast, which occurred at the entrance of a shop close to the Zeytinburnu Mithatpasa tramway stop, is the resulted of a suspect gas leak. Ambulances and fire crews quickly...
  11. teosgirl

    10 year old boy seriously injured during rally

    Another child injured during police intervention - RIGHTS Another child seriously injured by police. I wonder if this will effect the peace process or stability in the Kurdish region? Charlotte
  12. giglets

    Police Officer Critically Injured

    No such thing as a Routine Stop - BBC News - Police officer critically injured in hit-and-run in Sutton Hope he survives and the scum that did it are caught.
  13. giglets

    Car Bomb in Turkish Border Town

    BBC News - Deadly blasts hit Turkey border town of Reyhanli Four people have been killed and another 18 wounded in explosions in a Turkish town close to the Syrian border, officials say.
  14. skydog

    100 Injured as Meteor Shower hits Russian city

    Possible meteorite shower causes panic in Russia as shockwave is felt around impact | Mail Online
  15. V

    17 injured Glasgow flight

    17 passengers and crew were injured this morning when their Jet2 aircraft aborted take off at Glasgow Airport resulting in the airport being closed to all traffic. The holidaymakers were bound for Alicante when smoke filled the aircraft. 17 injured as crew and passengers are evacuated from...
  16. altinkum kev

    Coach crash 36 injured.

    A coach was in a collision with a Mercedes car on the Soke to Bodrum road today the coach was full of Hungarian tourists coming to Turkey for a holiday, the coach came to rest down the embankment 34 Hungarian were injured and 2 of the cars occupants ,thank god there seems to be no fatalities...
  17. teosgirl

    advice - injured eagle

    Hi, We have an injured bird of prey, looks like a buzzard, in our garden. We found it in our lean-to and have called the vets but they can't help. It seems to have a broken/injured wing and we're not sure how best to help it. We have many predators roaming around our garden during the...
  18. shirleyanntr

    Welshman seriously injured in Didim and insurance wont pay out

    This man has had a serious head injury while holidaying in Didim and the hospital treatment and transfer back to Wales will cost over 40k...but the insurance company are not going to pay out....using the clause of reckless behaviour (as far s i can understand) What a dreadful situation to be...
  19. teosgirl

    one Polish, and a German injured during Gallery attacks

    Art Galleries have been attacked in the Taxim/Beyolu area of Istanbul, and the patrons sprayed with pepper spray, attacked with baseball bats and stones for supposedly disturbing the neighbourhood and drinking on the sidewalk: Victims of attack on Istanbul art galleries say it was organized -...
  20. S

    Urgent help needed for injured stork

    An injured stork has been found in the forest above Gocek. Villagers brought it to our house. Can anyone tell us the phone number of Ahmet Akgun (Leylek Bahcesi) or a Vet who might help. Post a PM with phone numbers or contact details, thanks
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