1. I

    Duplicate dog passport missing some injections..

    When I was in the UK I boarded my dog at the vet's kennels where previously I'd had no problems. This time the girls lost his passport ( which I left with them because the vet needed to give him an injection when I was away) and also left his expensive fabric dog carrier near him for him to chew...
  2. maggie

    Akbuk free Rabies injections for animals .

    If you have a dog or cat take it to the beledye today from ten am and you will get it vacinated against rabies free of charge. Please make use of this service .ITS FREE.!!!!!!!(Akbuk) Hugs Maggie xxx
  3. B


    Hello, Looking for some information on immunisations given to babies in Turkey If anyone has experience of this please can you send me a pm to let me know Kind Regards
  4. J

    Injections etc for strays

    Hi there, can anyone tell me what the dogs get at the shelter in the way of treatment? Is it neutering and rabies jab only or do they get anything for fleas/ticks if really bad? Also do they get any other type of injection? Thanks.
  5. D

    Holiday injections

    Sorry but this is my second post about health this morning.We will be going on holiday to Egypt in a few months and will need Polio and Tetanus boosters and a Hepatitus A jab.Anyone know if the clinic in Akbuk can do these or in some countries you can get this sort of thing done by the local...
  6. carolk

    Tanning injections.

    Has any one tried the Melanotan 2 tanning injections? I tried them for the first time last year and was really brown without sitting in the sun. I use a factor 50 sunscreen and like to sit in the shade, but still like to look healthy and tanned in the summer.
  7. K

    injections when travelling to turkey ?

    hi all im new to the forum my name is marie Ijust wanted to know if any of you have had injections from your Gp in England because you are travelling to Turkey. Ihad to have a hep A jab and typhoid fever jab, most people i have asked say i did not need them so i thought i would ask all of you if...
  8. sunshine


    Can anyone help!! I have just had a conversation with a friend who is thinking of comming over to turkey,she is in a big panic,because shes been told you should have the following injections:Hepatiteus A and Tyhphod (please excuse my spelling) and she doesnt want her little one to have the...
  9. moon


    Can anyone tell me which injections I need to give my puppy? she has had the first 1 but what is the first injection? How many more does she need?
  10. YogiPJ

    Puppy Injections

    Hi We have recently acquired a lovely little pup. She has just (today) had her second lot of injections and the vet said she can go out in 7-10 days. Her safety is first and foremost but I also cant wait to take her out and show her to everybody. She is also bursting with energy to say the...
  11. P


    do you need any injection in turkey at all
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