1. Tenpin

    Info Inheritance Law in Turkey

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. Z

    Inheritance assets of someone under 18

    Hello everyone, I would like to understand how’s the law apply in Turkey when a child(13) inherits assets from a deceased parent and living with one parent. Does the government freeze the assets until he turns 18 or his mother can manage it on his behalf until then?? Thank you.
  3. Z

    Lawyer/ client contract terms

    Hi everyone, I am about to hire a lawyer in Istanbul and give POA to him to carry an inheritance case on my behalf ( I am not in the country). But I want to know what to keep in mind and be aware of when signing the agreement. One thing I am worried about is if I need to terminate his service...
  4. Tenpin

    Question Turkish Inheritance Law

    Just a simple question, but maybe various opinions. Are motor vehicles included in the inheritance law when it comes to distribution after death?
  5. M

    Trying to decline property inheritance

    My brother was a Turkish resident and died leaving a Turkish will. However, my mother (and I ?)will inherit a reserved portion under the Turkish law. We live in the UK and do not want this, but to refuse it we are being asked to send apostilled documents which is going to cost about £500...
  6. K

    Turkish property bare ownership inheritance.

    I generally find the 'yellali' website interesting and often helpful but this item posted today could cause problems for any UK owners not first taking financial and legal advice in the UK. Bare ownership - an alternative to the classical inheritance procedure for a property 4th April 2018...
  7. C

    Advice on Inheritance law in Turkey for expats

    Hi, Recently my father passed away and his ex-girlfriend has been in touch to let me know. Now she's told me that I'm the only one left in his will, and asked for my number/email to give to his lawyer. I find this odd as my father knew my number and would have given it to his lawyer, so why was...
  8. Freedom 49

    How do you feel about inheritance?

    With only having one daughter and one grandson, I prefer to help invest in their future whilst I'm alive, rather than leave extra cash in the bank as it would go to my daughter anyway after I've departed. If you have more than one child then maybe it's more 'Fair' to save and have them equally...
  9. S

    Another thread on inheritance

    Hi, I know, yet another inheritance thread, I promise I have read a lot of threads on this forum regarding Turkish law and wills, and to be honest I am left a little confused. My wife and I bought a apartment in Turkey about 7 years ago and never even thought about having a Turkish will drawn...
  10. G

    English Will and Turkish Inheritance Law

    Hi My head is spinning with conflicting views. According to PLC (Practical Law Company) " Foreign Wills made in accordance with the Hague Testamentary Dispositions Convention are valid under Turkish Law" We were selling our jointly owned duplex in Side but my husband died. He left all...
  11. Helenm150

    Ipotek and Inheritance Law

    Hi, can anyone advise in the situation where there is an ipotek on a property and the property owner dies - is the ipotek cleared before the property passes to the deceased inheritor/(s)? Thanks in advance for any clarification. Helen x
  12. N

    Inheritance apartment for sale - Tuzla

    We have an apartment for sale at Casmark Properties, (off the the Bodrum / Milas dual carriage way), close to Tuzla lake and about 5 minutes from the Airport and also close to the golf course. This one bedroomed flat is in a delightfully small complex with grounds and swimming pool. URL with...
  13. J

    Help needed - claiming inheritance in Turkey

    Sadly my partner died on Wednesday so it's difficult for me to write this. Hope it can be understood. We weren't married and the tapu was in his name only. I understand that his 3 daughters will inherit the house (this had been agreed as I have a house in England in my name only). My...
  14. gerald

    inheritance and property law

    From Todays Zaman 9th August 2011 Finding inheritors -- new developments in Turkish inheritance and property law A new project has been launched regarding matters of inheritance in Turkey. The Turkish tax authority implemented the new project last March in Alanya. Under this initiative, the...
  15. P

    Begging e mails from an inheritance

    I have just noticed I have not had for quite awhile all those e mails stating I inherited all this money from a foreign country. Those Nigerians must have got tired of sending fraudulent claims about money and there were many from ladies with such sob stories. Has anyone noticed they are not...
  16. D

    Who Gets It ? - Inheritance in Turkey

    My wife and I have bought a flat in Dalaman, with both our names and photos on the tapu. What happens to its ownership when the first of us dies ? Does it automatically pass to the surviving spouse ? - as in England and Wales under a joint tenancy when the production of the death certificate...
  17. culturevulture

    Kat Irtfaki and Inheritance Law.

    What is the legal position regarding Turkish Inheritance Law when someone has Kat Irtifaki on the Tapu, but does not have the Habitation Cert. Is it the same as having the full Tapu or is it more complex? Does it leave the owner and their beneficiaries in a more vulnerable position? Mary.
  18. ceemac

    Inheritance Tax Article

    This is a published article from April 2009 re Turkish Inheritance Tax; "If you’re planning on living in Turkey, or buying property in Turkey, you need to be aware of Turkish inheritance law. With a view to eventually joining the European Union, the Turkish legal system has now been...
  19. ceemac

    Turkish Inheritance Law

    Some sound advice here; "If you’re planning on living in Turkey, or buying property in Turkey, you need to be aware of Turkish inheritance law. With a view to eventually joining the European Union, the Turkish legal system has now been integrated with the continental European system...
  20. B

    Property Ownership in event of death - Inheritance

    Hi - can anyone help ? Have been told of a new law (?) stating in event of death, ownership of a property reverts back to the state. So if we own with joint ownership, half of the property reverts back to the state ? Do we need a turkish will to avoid this ?
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