1. S

    Mifi info required

    Has anyone got any info on using mifi. Because Vodafone stopped the roaming in Turkey I will need to buy a mifi or wifi unit. Any info will be appreciated. Costs etc and any thing else that I may need to know.
  2. R

    Info about Akbuk

    Hi there. Continuing my research about places to buy in Turkey. What opinions/info do people have about Akbuk? Is it an all year resort? Is much open in the Winter or does it close down? Are there nice places to visit around the area? Thanks very much. Rosie
  3. R

    Info on Tuzla

    Hi Folks. Looking at buying again in Turkey. I was looking at some nice apartments in Tuzla which seem very inexpensive but I know nothing about the area. Not sure which sites they are on. Any info or advice would be very welcome TIA Rosie
  4. E

    Info about Hepsiburada

    Any one know what Hepsiburada is like on Televisions .
  5. E

    Fibabanka info

    Has anyone on the forum banked or have any info on Fibabanka . I know it's the old finanse bank boss.
  6. E

    info about Izmir

    I seen a post on here the other day asking about Izmir but i cannot find it now . I read in the local paper saying about the Doctors ,and for someone moving there they need to be aware there is no Heart specialists in the area .i just thought i would post it because health is very important.
  7. juco

    Face book personal info

    My wife recently joined facebook to get access to some info. She didnt put her full name or other info that would be recognizable, however what appeared in her profile was: Her primary school from 60 years ago. Her employment history and some other bits of info. Her sister who has a different...
  8. E

    Info idat cost

    We bit of help please we have a friend with an apartment in oba 2 block 30 ap .A small swimming pool a gardener 4 days a month ,no other amenities and they want to put the idat upto a total of 72000 tl a year for the complex. With no receipts given is there any where they can go for...
  9. E

    info needed on Alanya internet

    Can anyone help we met someone who is looking for internet, you can turn on only when they come over on Holiday to their apt ,in the Alanya oba area .
  10. E

    Mobile info
  11. S

    New mobile phone registration help?

    Hi all, i've just seen on another site that all mobile phones have to be re-registered with residency permit/kimlik number. We are in the UK now but still keep one of our Turkish mobiles 'open' to use whilst there, we have an old residency permit with the 99 number on but we don't get messages...
  12. H

    Need some info please...

    I will transfer a large sum to Turkey ..With the aim of fixed deposit for a period 3 of yearsز My question is whether I will pay a tax to the Turkish government؟ Is it true that there is a loss of money from some accounts and banks did not compensate customers? YOUR ADVICE & COMMENTS...
  13. E

    Edevlet info

    Can any one tell me please ,the forms and photos i need to get the ptt Devlet password mine is closed. not used it in years .
  14. E


    I was asked to day ,what happens when the building water is cut off and no one wants to pay the dept .Do they take it to the court ? . They say it was closed 3 weeks ago , no bill has been pad for some time . I noticed to day on our new water bill the cut off dept for 2018 is 75 TL . Any...
  15. Leo

    latest Driving info

    Hi Peeps, So now the happy retirement has arrived we are planning our road trip to Turkey. Looking for some 'heads-up' on a few things:- 1. We understand that the 185 day rule has now been clarified (I note the Yellali article posted on here a month or so ago, which suggested that the...
  16. S

    English local info query

    Can anyone tell me how long it would take to drive Liverpool to Portsmouth Is it a motorway? I know there are various sites to look up these distances etc but prefer proper personal knowledge/experience Cheers
  17. F

    Info on olive gardens please

    We are in the process of buying an apartment on Olive gardens, I have a couple of questions. 1, is there a maintenance company/ caretaker on site who have reliable cleaners ? 2, what happened to the shop and is there any plans for a new one? 3, when does the pool get emptied and when does...
  18. S

    Flight Info

    Hi All Not having much luck re cheap (direct) Bodrum flights from London/Brum/Bristol. Can anyone recommend a good search engine/site? Thought there'd be some great deals around but seems to be the opposite at the moment. Thanks. Sunseeker
  19. E

    INFO Needed Please On Visa.

    Can anyone verify Visa Status. I still have the blue book visa, but for health reasons .I'm having to remain in England longer than planned. Have they started inforcing the 120 day rule yet for closing your visa .Thanks Enoch
  20. MiddleEarth

    Windows 10 Free Ending-Security Info

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed. :laser: Microsoft Ends Free Windows 10 Upgrades Soon So Plan Ahead If you’ve been putting off the upgrade, do it now or pay $120 come July 30. Security Features to Look for in New Laptops by James Martin - Mar 16, 2016 "look for business notebooks that...
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