1. Spurs

    Zero influence?

    That's Barros's claim if the UK leaves the EU. So what influence does the EU have on the world stage? Not much when you look at Ukraine/Russia. His homeland is Portugal, so what influence has Portugal EVER had on the world stage? Of course the attitude could be, are we even bothered about...
  2. Firebrand

    Article on the influence of Gul*n in the press

    Behind Bars in the Deep State - By Justin Vela | Foreign Policy Extract: For many Turkish citizens, the evolution of their democracy is best discussed in whispers. Turkey has come far in recent years, but these days they prefer not to speak too loudly about where it is headed. In the past two...
  3. J

    Driving Under Influence - Irish Style

    Driving Under Influence - Irish Style From Ireland where driving while under the influence is considered a sport, comes this story. (Only the Irish could think of this). Recently a routine police patrol was parked outside a bar in Donegal Town After last call, the officer noticed a man leaving...
  4. shirleyanntr

    TV's influence on kids

    took this from todays paper .. The New Anatolian / Ankara 02 February 2007 Watching TV predisposes children towards acts of violence, warns a new Education Ministry study. In the study of primary and secondary education students in 12 Turkish cities including Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir...
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