1. Tenpin

    News How does inflation in the UK compare to the EU?

    How does inflation in the UK compare to the EU...
  2. immac

    Inflation up to 20.4% January

    Bloomberg reporting inflation rise despite the statements of the Central Bank. Extract: "Food price increases accelerated to 31 percent from 25.1 percent the previous month, well above the central bank’s year-end forecast of 13 percent. That’s the highest reading according to data going back to...
  3. bickern

    Turkey’s soaring inflation

    A bit long I know but a big job to edit and cut down. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Turkey’s soaring inflation, exacerbated by a fresh spike in August, is stoking apprehension over the country’s economic future and appears to strengthen the...
  4. immac

    2017 Inflation - 12%

    From Huriyet. Extract: "Turkey’s annual inflation rate increased in April, reaching its highest level in around nine years, as a result of a weak Turkish Lira in several sectors, according to official data released on May 3. Consumer prices in Turkey rose 11.87 percent year-on-year in April...
  5. Helenm150

    Yearly inflation rate of food and non-alcoholic prices in Turkey

    "It is evident that Turkey’s food prices were on a constant steady rise between the years 2003–2015. In the twelve year period food prices in the world have seen % 69.5 increase, as for Turkey % 195 as of August 2016. When we look at this year alone food prices in Turkey have risen % 7.8 as for...
  6. immac

    Inflation & Exports & Banks 2016

    A few stories that will effect anyone living in Turkey: Annual inflation nears double digits in Turkey amid hikes in taxes, food prices - ECONOMICS Turkey?s exports drop 14.4 pct in first month of 2016 - ECONOMICS 1.3 mln Turks faced legal proceedings over bank debt in 2015 Sliding lira...
  7. immac

    TR Inflation 9.3%, Food 12.5%

    From Zaman: "This is the fourth consecutive month where annualized inflation remained above 9 percent. The market had expected the headline CPI to drop below 9 percent. Food prices remained the key driver of inflation, rising by 12.56 percent year-on-year in July. Market observers cited a...
  8. niyaz

    Turkish Inflation?

    Since the lira has weakened to it's lowest, have the prices shot up?
  9. immac

    Oct Inflation 10%+

    Zaman reports inflation rate to exceed 10%. Central bank confirms Oct. inflation to exceed 10 pct
  10. immac

    Inflation 10.6% Jan 2012

    From Hurriyet: Turkish official inflation at 10.61% in January ISTANBUL- Agence France-Presse Turkish annualized inflation leap by 10.61 percent in January, according to figures released by the national statistics office, with drinks and tobacco showing the strongest increases. On a...
  11. A

    AKP's tricky inflation figures

    Basic consumer goods removed from the list with last updates! Now TUIK calculating inflation figures with dynamite, ping-pong ball,fees of private television, shower gel, highway toll, swimsuits in the winter, smokestack in summer... Gas oil prices, natural gas, electricity, transportation fees...
  12. immac

    Inflation 7.17% And Rising

    From Zaman: Inflation soars in May to 7.17 percent The consumer price index (CPI) for the month of May has shown a big jump from 4.21 percent in April to 7.17 percent in May, the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) said on Friday. The annual figure reflects the 2.42 percent increase in...
  13. Mushtaq

    Inflation in cost crunch UK jumps to 4.4%

    The spending power crunch on British households intensified today with figures showing the rate of inflation has jumped to its highest level since October 2008. The Office for National Statistics reported that the consumer prices index measure of inflation rose to a 28-month high of 4.4% in...
  14. pineapple1

    Turkish Unemployment & Inflation

    18/01/2011 Last year was a banner one, but some experts warn of possible bumps in the road.By Alakbar Raufoglu for Southeast European Times -- 18/01/11 A woman begs in front of a mosque in Istanbul. [Reuters] Beating government targets and market forecasts, the economy grew more rapidly...
  15. immac

    Inflation Down

    From Sabah: Inflation hits rock bottom With the inflation rate dropping by 0.48% in July, the annual rate has now decreased to 7.58%. The recession in food and clothing prices has resulted in the inflation rate for July dropping by 0.48%. Summer fruits and vegetable prices have retracted by...
  16. immac

    Inflation down to 10.6%

    From Bloomberg News: Istanbul May inflation slows to 10.6 percent ISTANBUL – Bloomberg Tuesday, June 1, 2010 Inflation in Istanbul, Turkey’s biggest city, eased to 10.6 percent last month, supporting central bank predictions of a nationwide slowdown. The rate in Istanbul fell from 11.7...
  17. immac

    Turkish Inflation 10.13%

    From Sabah (4th March): Inflation hits the double digits again The annual inflation rate has increased to 10.13%, bringing the rate into the double digits for the first time in 14 months.
  18. gra

    Inflation busting bribes

  19. B

    Inflation in Turkey.

    People living in Turkey may be interested to know that the Consumer Price Index for the first quarter of 2009 increased by 1%. The yearly CPI now stands at 7.9%. Food prices rose by 5.5%. Exports dropped by 25.4% but imports dropped by 45.4% giving the current account balance a surplus in...
  20. P

    50% Inflation !

    just noticed that the one Lira shop is now the one and a half Lira shop. Now thats some inflation!
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