1. peter the postie

    BT Infinity, Sky, or Virgin??

    Who uses what here in the UK, and what are your thoughts? I have a package with Virgin, and although the broadband is ok, the TV & phone prices seem over the top.
  2. M

    Deska Global Infinity Express Ничего хорошего делового партнера

    Deska Global Infinity Express Ничего хорошего делового партнера Deska Global - Бесконечности Экспресс продает дома в Турции без Тапу. Мошенничество! Дома влажные, имеют повреждения водой. Клиенты не воспринимают всерьез. Вопросы остаются без ответа. Нет электричества, нет страховки!
  3. N

    Deska Globale Infinity Express where are your Investors ?

    Investors are not likely. Where are they the investors from Deska Global - Infinity Express? Would it be difficult to resolve a mortgage of our property, so we got our Tapu for us! Why be turned off electric at the construction sites Deska Global electric? It's all a lie. Everything that comes...
  4. S

    BT Infinity Broadband

    Has anyone got this fibre optic bband service? Was thinking of changing to it and was wondering is it reliable and is there any real diff from normal broadband
  5. I

    Infinity Homes / Hi to everyone

    Hi to you all. We have nearly just set up as an overseas developer in Fethiye and we are a new member of Infinity Group. Infinity Homes belongs to Infinity Jewellery and for the ones who knows the area, is completely different company to Infinity Express Homes. If you have any questions...
  6. KKOB

    Infinity !

  7. J

    Infinity Express - Fethiye

    Has anyone out there bought a property from Infinity Express, and now find it's like mission impossible to get the faults rectified? I am now in my third year, and can't seem to get anything done about my leaking pool and still don't have my tapu. If there are a few of us with similar...
  8. D

    Buying an apartment - Infinity Express Construction

    Please could someone give me some advice. We have recently put down a deposit on an apartment near Kemer, Fethiye. The company selling it are the builders, Infinity Express Construction. The contract they gave us seems very clear and is written in English. However on contacting two Turkish...
  9. v6cod

    Infinity real estate

    Has anyone had any dealings with this company? I have a friend who is in Turkey at the moment and she is looking to have a bungalow built by this company in Kemer near to the 9 hole golf course being built there. She is due to put a deposit down tomorrow so I was wondering if anyone had any...
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