1. U

    Indoor pool

    So looking forward to a break in yalikavak in April , hoping for good weather as we had last April but what my kids need is an indoor pool , any one know of one please
  2. H

    Indoor swimming pools

    Anyone know if there are any hotels in alanya, or surrounding areas. with an indoor pool That is open to the public?
  3. stewy

    Indoor Paint

    Hello Folks Can anyone give me the equivalent Turkisk name of White and Magnolia emulsion indoor paint that i can buy in large plastic containers. I don't want a expensive product just a basic one to re-decorate the whole of the inside of the villa. Stewy
  4. J

    Indoor Pools

    I will be coming over to Altinkum later on in the month and knowing that the Complex Pool will now be empty, was wondering if there is a Facility which allows the use of an Indoor pool, which obviously I would pay for. Thanx In Advance.
  5. B

    Indoor shopping centre.

    I see that some lady "with her two children in tow" had a very bad experience in the indoor shopping centre!! abuse and threatening behaviour from two shop lads because she did not buy the dvd"s they offered, the place has got a bad enough name they must know this! but still they persist, must...
  6. P

    Indoor swimming pools

    Hi there, as you may have seen from my previous threads we are travelling to Gumusluk over the christmas period to spend some time at our home at Aktas Evleri in Gumusluk. Can anyone tell me if there is an indoor pool anywhere that we could access - Yalikavak, Turgetreis or Bodrum - kids want...
  7. G

    Free indoor water feature

    Before going to bed last night I checked the forecast, storms forecast last night and today. Being a bit thick did I put a bucket down where we have had an occasional 'drip' before? No. The rain through the night was torrential, I was lying in my nice comfortable warm bed, dog fast asleep at my...
  8. M

    Any Akbuk developments have indoor activites when weather is wet?

    Hi Coming out on Saturday (7 women). Seems our outdoor pools may not be usable due to the wet weather predicted. Have any other Akbuk developments got indoor activities, I notice Mandalya have but not sure if they are available to the public. Any advice appreciated. PS What is the best way...
  9. cirali

    Antalya's lack of indoor pools for sports activities, teams and swimmers

    I just wrote this piece for the gumbet forum and I thought I would like to share it the the Antalya forum. Believe it or not here in Antalya ( large city with a big population ) still does not have a decent indoor swimming pool. Sure there are plenty of 5 star hotels with pools that also charge...
  10. Jillyj

    Indoor Swimming pool in Gumbet

    Does anyone know any info about the indoor swimming pool next to the stadium in Gumbet that is supposed to be opening up? I heard it was ready but just waiting on the water heater. Does anyone have info on it and costs? Cheer ears
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