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    Advice/Ideas needed for independant travelling August 2010

    Hi - we have an apartment in Altinkum and when we are out there in August this year we'd quite like to do a few days (4/5 days) travelling independantly using the buses. With it only being a few days we can't go too far, so I was wondering if any members might have suggestions for areas we could...
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    Independant Lawyer?

    OK, I have now had a response back from the consulate recommended solicitor I have been after with regards to a property purchase. I asked him for a quote for him to drawing contracts and then to continue the sale on my bahalf and to liase with the sellers POA. His reply was brief and gave me a...
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    Has anyone used a independant solicitor in altinkum

    hello all..! just letting you know i have found my dream apartment, just alittle afraid of releasing any monies after all i just went for a holiday and loved it.basically i require a hands on solicitor(indepentant)i have read many threads through this forum which i must say are very...
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