1. suzyq

    IS increases use of child soldiers

    The number of children who have died fighting for so-called Islamic State (IS) in the last year is nearly twice the previous estimate, a report says. Researchers at Georgia State University tracked IS propaganda and eulogies over 13 months. The propaganda claimed 89 boys aged eight to 18 had...
  2. immac

    Hunger Threshold Increases

    Hunger threshold increases by 4% to 1,308 TL for a family of four DAILY SABAH February 26, 2015 The monthly food expenditure for a family of four to get sufficient nutrition, which is defined as the "hunger threshold" increased to 1,308 Turkish Liras in February ($528), marking an increase of...
  3. suzyq

    New Year - Tax Increases

    A couple of articles about tax and minimum wage increases The government's first increase in taxes of the new year has been introduced for fixed taxes on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, the Turkish media reported on Thursday. According to a Cabinet decision published in the Official...
  4. juco

    jimmy Savile increases council tax

    Daily mail.......... How about deducting the money from those (institutions) that failed all those youngsters.
  5. T

    latest increases in 3 band electric rate, October 2012

    I've been advised that the Aydem electricity prices are going up yet again! Does anyone know the new rates for T1, T2, and T3 (inclusive of taxes etc)? Or how to work them out?
  6. altinkum kev

    Price increases

    Alcohol is to go up by 25% tobacco 15% and buyer and sellers tax goes up to 4%. Oh well that's life still love it here.
  7. shirleyanntr

    police violence increases

    Turkey has always had a reputation for tough policing and corruption at all levels. İn recent years there has been a major drive for better recruitment and education and bribes at street level have certainly decreased. There is no doubt the Cemaat have infiltrated and taken over the Police and...
  8. shirleyanntr

    Devlet hospital price increases

    last year a foreigner with a RP could get seen in the Devlet for 15 lira...its now changed to 100lira..about the same price as private hospitals.

    Otv price increase

    Well it looks like things are going to get a little more expensive for those of us who live here full time. Turkish Cabinet approves Special Consumption Tax increase - Hurriyet Daily News :19:
  10. culturevulture

    water bill increases

    Looks like water bill are set to rise. Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Water bills to rise by 10 percent Mary.
  11. scotssteve

    Annual fees - who sets increases them?

    Looking through the hundreds of apartments for sale in Altinkum/Abkuk/Didim, I am amazed by the huge range of fees charged yearly. It begs the question, who sets these and how much do they increase yearly? A couple of people yesterday warned me to be clear how much they would be for the...
  12. ceemac

    April's UK Road Tax Increases

    We're mightily cheesed off now that fuel prices are on the up again. But has anyone calculated the percentage rise in the cost of their road tax? Here C
  13. F

    wow car tax,electricity,gas,petrol,fags and bread

    price rises !!! car tax 60% fags up to 9 lira !!! gas 40% not sure about the others soon it will be will the last one out of turkey turn the lights off
  14. T

    petrol tax and increases

    Apparently there has just been a tax increase on petrol which,coupled with soaring crude oil prices, has put unleaded up to £1.34 a litre in Turkey over £6 a gallon!!!!! We have discussed at length how cheap it is to live day to day on a modest pension or income in the country and I was...
  15. T

    Flight price increases

    We have been looking at the airline websites since March and wanted to wait until the charters started into Dalaman 1st May to get cheaper flights. We looked at an Excel day flight going out Fri 19th May and back in March the return price was £317 for 2 adults but now the price is £373 so we...
  16. merlin

    Denim Export Increases: $705m in 6 Months...

    The Turkish denim sector is almost leading the world export economy. Turkey is exporting its own brands like Mavi Jeans, Little Big, Collins, Loft and Cross Jeans to world markets. It even sells jean to the jeans’ motherland, the US. According to data from the Turkish Textile and Raw Materials...
  17. C

    Number Of Tourists Visiting Turkey Increases By 25.80 Percent In January - July

    The number of tourists who visited Turkey between January-July 2005 increased by 25.80 percent and reached 11.7 million, sources said on Monday. Culture & Tourism Ministry stated that the number of tourists who visited Turkey in July 2005 increased by 22.12 percent and reached 3.164 million...
  18. R

    Price increases or Rip offs

    Having just returned from the Bodrum area it is a hard fact that people presently buying to furnish there Apts , houses etc are paying highly inflated prices compared to what was being charged Feb / March this year A few examples. 3 seater + 2 single seater for lounge: Feb price 1450 Euro ...
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