1. E

    New tax increase 2020 Just what the doctor ordered more tax rises
  2. butt007

    HSBC Premier cust. increase

    Just been informed by email from HSBC bank, that if you are a Premier Customer. From January 2nd 2019 the minimum amount that you need to have in your accounts has been raised up to 150,000liras from what it was before 100,000liras. This seems to me a tremendous jump to stay as a Premier...
  3. S

    Turkish border migrant increase
  4. V

    SGK 2018 increase

    Following the increase in the Turkish minimum wage foreigners paying into the SGK will find their premiums increase this month by 61TL to around 487TL a month. Some SGK news sites are quoting the new GSS premium as a few kurus under 487TL and others a few kurus over! The SGK premium usually...
  5. suzyq

    Imported phone tax increase

    The tax stamp in Turkey has been hiked on mobile phone production and imports for allocation to the state broadcaster, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), with 4 percent added to the existing 6 percent tax stamp fee. The decision comes as part of an attempt to overcome a 47...
  6. Tenpin

    SGK Price Increase 2016

    Hi For all those who are part of the SGK healthcare scheme.... Just checked on SGKs system and the monthly healthcare payment has increased from 305 TL to 395 TL. Garry
  7. Mushtaq

    Ransomware on the increase

    Ransomware, a type of computer virus that locks you out of your computer unless you pay a ‘ransom’, is on the rise. Most malware ends up on your machine when you click a link or open an attachment from a dodgy email or fake software update. And ransomware is no different. Once the ransomware...
  8. T

    Scout Association faces increase in historical sex abuse claims

    More than 50 people have instructed solicitors over historical abuse claims against the Scout Association since the Jimmy Savile scandal emerged, the BBC has learnt. The association and individual scoutmasters have also paid £897,000 in damages, lawyers for the claimants say. The Scout...
  9. Sweetnighter

    Interest Rate Increase

    ......just noticed that Garanti have increased their rates......not by much but "every little helps".....
  10. suzyq

    9% increase in gas, electricity prices

    Electricity and natural gas prices will be increased by 9 percent as of next month, Turkey's Energy Minister Taner Yıldız said on Tuesday. Speaking at a press conference, Yıldız said the government has not increased energy prices for the past 24 months but that the lack of sufficient...
  11. suzyq

    Is there an RP increase coming?

    This was posted on the UKinTurkey website on the 13th August. Has anyone else who are British, in the last couple of days, in other locations had this problem? I hope the GDMM reply quickly to resolve this new issue. Hello, I just applied for a 6 month residency permit in Antalya. They...
  12. willip

    Turkish Tourist Visa price increase

    tourist visa going up from £10 to £20 from the 11th April if you buy from the visa booth on arrival. might be cheaper to buy online for £13. cut and pasted from voices paper. The public meeting with the Ministry of Migration revealed new cost for visa stamps for travelers to Turkey. While...
  13. S

    Residency Fee increase

  14. bickern

    Another increase in fuel prices in Turkey

    The government has carried out another increase in fuel prices in Turkey for the second time in just eight days, jacking up the price of 98 octane fuel to over five Turkish Liras a liter, making Turkish gasoline some of the most expensive in the world. Prior to the rise, which was to come into...
  15. paddington bear

    SGK Price Increase?

    We went into Halkbank this morning to pay our SGK premium, usually it is 226.00 tl per month, however, we were charged 272.07 tl. Does anyone know if there has been an increase in premiums, as 46.00 tl is a rather large increase. Sue
  16. A89

    Bus fare increase.

    From 1st Jan 2012 bus fares (citybus) will increase to 2tl per journey if paying cash and 1.50tl if you use a kentcard. Still a bargain IMO!! Alison
  17. arrian

    Price increase Ist class stamps

    from April 30 the cost of a first class stamp rise to 60p, for a second class service. Royal Mail Raises Stamp Prices By Up To 40% - Yahoo! Finance UK
  18. butt007

    State Pension Increase

    Hi all you oldies, me included ha.ha. The UK Gov. have announced that our Pensions are to go by 5.2%, that's based on the CPI rate of inflation in September......which means an increase of £5.31/week from next April. But would'nt be surprised if they try to wriggle out of it to make it lower...
  19. altinkumforum

    New Fag Prices. Marlboro 10TL

    Hi all, after otv increase new cigarette prices listed below. the most smoking fags marlboro is 10TL and Winston is 7.50TL tekel 2001 kisa maroon kutu-106777 6,50 türk lirası tekel 2001 uzun maroon yumuşak paket-106787 6,50 türk lirası tekel 2000 kirmizi uzun yumuşak paket-106729 6,50 türk...
  20. SLEEPY

    Otv price increase

    Well it looks like things are going to get a little more expensive for those of us who live here full time. Turkish Cabinet approves Special Consumption Tax increase - Hurriyet Daily News :19:
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