1. S

    Question Turkish Income Tax while working remotely

    Hello Turks, I am wondering what is the income tax rate for a person who is working remotely for a company abroad ?
  2. S

    income for residency permit

    Hello, Please can someone tell me the minimum savings you need to declare, when applying for a yearly residency permit, i have looked but figures vary from 1600 tl to 3000 tl a month to live on, hope you can help. regards Scott.
  3. T

    Income Tax Exemption: Company abroad, no turkish branch, foreign currency

    Hi, I heard from a friend in Istanbul that there's a tax exemption in Turkey which says that if You're paid by a company outside of turkey and That company doesn't have a branch in Turkey and You're paid in a foreign currency then you're exempted from Turkish Income Taxes. Has anyone else...
  4. M

    Tax on property rental income in Turkey?

    Hi, can anyone advise me on the tax you pay on renting out an apartment please. We have just rented ours out for and have only had one full week, a 4 day let, a 3 day let and a 1 night stay but have had £110 deducted from the payments due to tax, does this sound right? By the time the cleaning...
  5. J

    rental income tax

    I would like to know where I have to pay the tax on rental income at the year end thanks:thanks:
  6. tomc1984

    Income and residency permit

    Does anyone know if there is a minimum amount of income or money in the bank they expect in order to apply for RP?
  7. T

    paying tax on rental income from Turkish property

    Having searched on here and on the HMRC website, I cannot get a clear answer about whom I owe tax to for holiday rental income on my apartment in Turkey. I make all the arrangements for the rentals in UK and pay UK tax on any profits made. I am aware there is a reciprocol agreement so that I...
  8. C

    How can I earn an income in Alayna?

    My friend snd myself are moving to Alayna and need advice about the best way of earning an income. Does anyone have any ideas? As we cannot speak the language our own professions cannot be considered and we would love to work for ourselves.:44:
  9. T

    Tax on Rental Income

    I am looking for official information on the amount of tax that has to be paid on rental income - is it on income or profit? and if the latter what are the allowable expenses to set against income Also, can you pay tax in the UK instead of Turkey if the income is paid direct to the UK rather...
  10. C

    Part Time Work

    Hi There, Are there forum members that might be interested in a part time working opportunity? If so, please email 'Advisors' at with a brief CV attached and we will provide additional information. Brief information follows below. Thanks, Miranda Our firm provides professional...
  11. S

    Income levy in Ireland - Exemption

    just a piece of information for anyone who lives in Northern Ireland but work in Southern Ireland. as an employee of a company in the republic. If you are the holder of a UK medical card then you are not liable for the income levy which was introduced last year. This is an extract from the...
  12. C

    Turkish Taxation on Rental Income

    The Turkish Revenue have published an updated ( Feb 2010) version of their booklet. Its so new that the pictures are unstable and I cannot print but the words and format are OK so it is legible. First glance suggests nothing much has changed but as we know particularly with taxmen the devil is...
  13. J

    Tax Income Form

    There has been some great information on here about habitation certificates and tapus, it was a great help, as i am going through mine now. I rent my property in Kusadasi and have to declare my taxable income on the rent. I have a form to complete but its in turkish, which i downloaded from...
  14. ceemac

    Turkish Income Tax & Tax Laws

    This was correct as of November 2008. The tax system in Turkey is progressive. In other words, the higher your income, the higher the rate at which you will pay tax. The 2009 individual tax rates vary from 15% - 35%. in 2009 the standard rate of Turkey corporate tax is 20%. Income Tax for an...
  15. alison09400

    Tax on rental income

    Seeing the new Poll about rent versus outgoings, I thought I'd post something that was on the news a lot recently regarding the taxes for rental income (Kira Vergisi). The new Table is 2,400TL to 7.800TL - 15% 7.800TL to 19,800TL - 1,170TL 19.800TL to 44,700TL - 3,570TL 44,700 and above -...
  16. P

    Rental income verses cost of ownership..

    Without getting too specific or personal with this I though I'd try to run a poll to see how rental income compares against the running costs of a property. The question will be based upon how much your property costs to maintain/run per annum against the amount of rental income you receive for...
  17. D

    UK Income Tax

    Can anyone help me please?I have lived here now for 2 years and 3 months.I have been told that I can claim back the Tax I have been paying on my different pensions. Does anyone have any knowledge about this? If so can you let me know the procedure to getting a refund. Many thanks. davethebus
  18. suzyq

    Rental Income Tax

    New Rental Income Tax Regulations Wondered if this information would be helpful to anyone BERK ÇEKTİR Columnists New rent collection requirement Last week, I wrote about property-related taxes, but I did not cover rental income tax. Today I will give some...
  19. B

    Income on deposits

    I'm thinking about buying a property and living in Turkey for most of the year. I won't be renting the property out ,nor will I will I be working ,there or indeed anywhere else. I'm still not going to be taking any pension for a number of years yet ,but I am concerned to know what the tax...
  20. E

    Income tax

    Hi there! myself and my family are looking into moving to Alanya we already have an apartment there.I work abroad and will only be in the country for 5 months a year will I have to pay income tax on my earnings abroad? What is the amount of time I can spen d in the county before I do have to pay?
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