1. Camden

    London Incident

    London police shoot man dead after 'terror-related' stabbings
  2. Camden

    Incident on London Bridge

    London Bridge: suspect shot dead by police in terror attack Several people were stabbed by the suspect before he was grappled to the ground and disarmed by members of the public, PA reports. reports that the suspect was wearing a suicide vest a cordon remains around the area. But Basu said...
  3. Camden

    Oxford Circus incident developing

    Oxford Circus and Bond Street street tube station closed and evacuated shots ,allegedly heard.
  4. Devil's_Advocate

    Barcelona incident

    Injuries as van hits crowds in Barcelona. Van ploughs into crowds in Ramblas tourist area in Barcelona, several injured, Spanish police say. Injuries as van hits crowds in Barcelona - BBC News
  5. bal canavar

    Times Square Incident

    Twitter is going crazy over alleged attack in New York Times Square Multiple injuries after 'car rams into pedestrians' in New York's Times Square Speeding vehicle strikes pedestrians in New York City?s Times Square - The Globe and Mail
  6. N

    In Flight Incident

    I am writing in regard to an incident that occurred during our recent flight from Manchester to Colombo, Sri Lanka via Istanbul on Turkish Airlines. This incident took place during the Manchester to Istanbul leg when during this journey both my wife and I had need of the in flight toilet...
  7. S

    Turquiose resort. Serious incident

    I am the co owner of a villa on the turquiose development. My mother, sister and her two children are presently spending three weeks on holiday in turkey. Yesterday i had a phone call from my 70 year old mother who informed my that a british homeowner had been attacked outside the market it...
  8. A

    Pakistani Senate recognizes Khojaly incident as genocide

    The Pakistani Senate has recognized events in the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly in 1992 as genocide. Speaking to Trend from Islamabad, Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, who initiated the resolution, said acts committed by Armenian armed forces in the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly were unanimously recognized...
  9. P

    Incident - Swimming pool

    If a child has an accident (there are kids that play in apartment block grounds out of season) if a child falls in the swimming pool and has a fatal accident. Who will have to pay liability. These pools are dangerous. There are 7 apartments in our block. Only one person has a habitation...
  10. merlin

    No passengers injured in incident at Istanbul airport....

    No passengers were injured in the incident in which an aircraft of the Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines on the Moscow-Istanbul flight left the end of the runway because of a malfunctioning brake system, sources from the Turkish mission of a Ukrainian airlines operating the flight told Itar-Tass...
  11. G

    Another incident

    I can't believe it, there has been 3 incidents on the tube and one on a bus this morning in London. One is believed to have been a nail bomb but nothing has been confirmed yet. The tube station are: The Oval Warren Street Shepherds Bush and although it is the same amount of incidents the...
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