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    Dalyan improvement

    Just had to show everybody the good work being done in DALYAN, well done lads it looks great.All areas immediately adjacent to the river, approx 200yds returfed plus flower beds.
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    Will there be an Improvement?

    Will there ever be an increase in direct flights to the airports that serve the coastal resorts? I have been looking into buying a place in Spain or the Canaries if/when we sell our place in Turkey. Despite the slump in the Spanish property market, there's no way we could afford a property...
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    Alanya improvement,

    good to see they are doing something about Alanya with some improvements. but they should also teach the local shops and restaurants about annoying people when they are out walking. you get asked the same question 50 times .where are you from you want to you want to eat....they...
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