Imports from usa

    Have any members bought clothes from US websites and had them delivered to Turkey. If so did you have to pay applicable taxes or duties in Turkey and if so how. Obviously been the villain that I am, I would rather not!
  2. A

    Turkiye & Iran oil imports

    Turkey announced Friday it was reducing oil imports from Iran by 20 percent, apparently bowing to pressure from the United States, which is leading an international effort to push Tehran to halt its nuclear program. The U.S. has threatened economic sanctions on countries that do not curtail...
  3. suzyq

    Mardin imports Italian donkeys as garbage collectors

    Not sure how Trevor will feel about this? The Municipality of Mardin will receive 15 donkeys from Italy to collect garbage in the city’s narrow streets. Mardin imports Italian donkeys as garbage collectors
  4. immac

    Ongoing Reporting On Imports

    I have just finished swapping a few emails with my Import Agent in Izmir. Answering my suspicion, he has confirmed that the Customs retain an interest in my imported household goods for however long I stay in Turkey. If I don´t keep them informed they will fine me (which they did in 2007...
  5. S

    Imports from Turkey

    hello again my friends . i want to ask if anyone here can help me . I want to open a shop with clothes in greece and I want to make import from turkey so if anyone knows something about please let me know . i will be in turkey at 30 August to find some wholesale industries i will need a...
  6. KKOB

    Meat Imports

    Travellers returning to Kas from Meis in the last week or so have been asked by Customs if they're carrying any meat products. Has anyone been asked this at Marmaris, Dalaman, Bodrum etc recently?
  7. immac

    Air Con - Imports

    From ZAMAN: Air conditioner sales increase as heat rises Global warming impacts everything in the world more or less negatively. However there are some that seem to benefit, and the air-conditioner industry is among them. The high temperatures that began in May are expected to...
  8. merlin

    Czech Republic goes nuts over Turkish imports....

    The Czech Republic has suspended imports of hazelnuts from Turkey, claiming that the nuts have been contaminated with toxic substances, especially aflatoxin. Czech authorities held back 20 metric tons of hazelnuts, the country's food inspection agency said. Officials said tests are being...
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