1. the bueman

    Impact of Super Trawlers in Irish Fishing Waters

    RTE 1 tonight @ 2215 tonight. Really worth watching......its reckoned our trawlers have lost 171 Billion Euro of earnings to these monster ships. This documentary explores how modern day communities must learn from the past, in order to secure a brighter future...
  2. K

    Up coming election and the impact on property in military areas

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had any update on up coming elections and if the outcome of the election was positive then this would have an impact on property located in military zones being transferable to the owners. Is this true or does anyone know ? Many thanks PW
  3. Mushtaq

    Bus Crash:CCTV Inside Shows Moment Of Impact

    The movie show the passengers contently looking out of the window and chatting as the bus trundles along. But then some of them stand up in horror as they spot a lorry heading directly towards them at high speed. Moments later glass is sprayed across the bus and the passengers thrown violently...
  4. K

    Up coming election and the impact on property companies

    Hi I havnt been on the forum for a while.I heard that there is an election coming up in Turgutreis that will mean that there will be a tax amnesty for people with companies who have houses in them. Also they can close the companies after. Does anyone know what happens then. Can the properties...
  5. Squeaky

    Referendum results to have dramatic impact on higher judiciary

    Good morning: There has been a lot of talk by various political parties and members on this forum about the danger of the constitutional amendments allowing the AKP to take control of the high judiciary. These paras should pretty well put things in context: President of the Constitutional...
  6. J

    Impact of Volcanic ash on rentals?

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone has experienced an impact on their rentals from the Ash cloud both now & earlier in the season... Are you updating Ts & Cs? Has anyone cancelled? What about refunds? Have handovers between guests been tricky? Any useful tips for other villa renters? Thanks...
  7. teresa

    What impact are foreigners having in Fethiye? The book could be interesting!
  8. J

    Early retirement & Pension Impact

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this question has been asked before but after trawling through some of the posts as a result of a search for 'pension', I decided it might be easier to ask anyway. I'm hoping to retire early, maybe 55 if I can sell my business, and spend a good proportion of my time at my...
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