1. simpsons

    Another New UK Immigration Rule

    Another new immigration rule. Will this be good or bad for Britain? Migrant salary rules may cost NHS nurse jobs, union warns - BBC News
  2. B

    Swiss referendum on immigration.

    BBC News - Swiss 'Ecopop' referendum calls for big immigration cut Have the Swiss got the right idea, or do they simply have a bigger problem than the UK? They had a referendum earlier this year but they don't believe that the Government has acted...
  3. TNT123

    Britain’s Insane Immigration System

    It’s about the insanity of Britain’s dysfunctional immigration system. United agreed to pay Sporting Lisbon £16 million two weeks ago to secure the services of the Argentine defender Marcos Rojo. However, he has not played in any of the club’s opening fixtures because he is experiencing...
  4. B

    Swiss vote on immigration.

    EU partners 'to review relations' with Switzerland after vote to curb immigration - Telegraph Have the Swiss made a mistake or a wise decision? Bill.
  5. yalimart

    Curry Immigration

    David Cameron to discuss making immigration from South Asia easier, The country really needs curry chefs. Personally I would rather see Doctors, Nurses etc but I have probably got my priorities wrong Cameron boost for curry restaurants - BT Martin
  6. B

    Kusadasi Street Dog!

    We've just returned from a weeks holiday in Kusadasi feeling truly heart-broken. We met a street dog, with which we instantaneously fell in love, he is tagged as a dog from the rehabilitation centre in Kusadasi itself and shortly before leaving yesterday we decided we would try and get him...
  7. bickern

    Latest on the new immigration laws into Turkey

    The Foreigner and International Protect Law approved by President Abdullah Gül on Wednesday introduces a new legal framework on migration, asylum and international protection in Turkey. In connection to the law, an Immigration Administration General Directorate will be formed within the...
  8. Firefox

    Labour Sorry for Immigration

    Labour leader Ed Miliband himself of a Jewish eastern European immigrant decent says sorry to the British people for the mistake Labour made in allowing mass immigration into the UK by its predecessor Tony Blair government over 11 years. Ed Miliband admits Labour's mistakes on entry rules - UK...
  9. suzyq

    New Immigration Rules for UK

    11 June 2012 Today (11 June 2012) the Government has announced changes to the Immigration Rules for non-European Economic Area (non-EEA) nationals applying to enter or remain in the UK on the family migration route. The new Immigration Rules will also unify consideration under the rules and...
  10. Firefox

    AbuQ Arrested Immigration

    Its seems many of the wishes for the people on this forum is coming true Moslem Preacher Abu Q has been arrested at this home by immigration officials detained ready to be deported. HERE Abu Qatada has been arrested at his home | The Sun |News is it the case of too little too late.?
  11. arrian

    Immigration Petition

    if anyone is interested, they may want to sign this petition, if the link works. No to 70 million - e-petitions
  12. D

    Immigration Cap To Prevent Rush Into Uk

    The number of non-EU immigrants allowed into Britain is to be capped from next month to avoid a last-minute scramble to enter the country Immigration Cap To Prevent Rush Into UK - Yahoo! News UK Agree that their should be more restrictions (yrly amount) for immigrants entering UK simply...
  13. newhorizon

    Israeli immigration officials copied British passports used by hit squad

    Israeli immigration officials at Tel Aviv airport secretly copied the British passports which were then used by the hit squad which assassinated a leading Hamas official, ministers have been told. Read here:- Israeli immigration officials copied British passports used by hit squad, ministers...
  14. F

    immigration fee (£10)

    can anyone tell me do i have to pay for a child of 2 years old the £10 fee for entering the country at the airport regards tony
  15. simon90


    Hi, I am doing a study on immigation and migration for geography and would like for all you ex-pats to tell me about your experiences of moving to turkey and why you left england. You never know, you end up as one of my case studies! Yay! Haha! I would appreciate it and it would give you time...
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