1. Spike

    Dalaman Imar Plan Update

    We were getting a lot of conflicting information on this, so thought we'd try to get some answers from the horse's mouth, assuming we could find the horse. This is mainly for those in the Bozörű area who are waiting (hoping) for the Imar Planı to change the category of their land from...
  2. R

    Imar Plan : Bozoru and Akkaya

    Yes its T time again!! Has anyone got any news on the Tourism Development Plan for this area. I assume that buyers in Hillside and now White Rock are all patiently waiting for their Tapu's . Dalaman Belediye does not appear to even have a Plan for the Plan !! I have have been chasing this for...
  3. H


    Hi, First of many questions.... We want to buy land and build our own property on the south coast. When looking at arsa (land) on some websites they mention "Imar". My wife Ozlem has an idea that it means that if the land has no "Imar" then the government can take posession of a portion of the...
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