1. Mushtaq

    Forum Policy regarding Images

    Please note changes regarding images/video content on this forum. Please do not post any images that contains: • full nudity • pornographic images, videos, or games • pornographic cartoons or anime (hentai/ecchi) • Strategically covered nudity • Sheer or see-through clothing • Lewd or...
  2. T

    Middle East: Changing Images

    Just a few years ago, at the start of this century, if I came across the term “Middle East” in conversation or writing, there was one image that would break into my mind uninvited. It was of a bunch of young gunmen driving around in the back of a Toyota pickup which occasionally stopped and they...
  3. newhorizon

    Some images from Crete

    Here are some images I thought I'd share with you from a recent holiday to Turkey's nearby neighbour (Greece) Crete taken last week. My first ever visit to Crete, I loved the beauty and vast array of historical sites, hope you enjoy! locals chatting at roadside in typical Cretan Village...
  4. PhilCo

    Enhanced Satellite Images

    Just to let you all know that the satellite images of Akbuk on Google Earth have been upgraded/enhanced. I can clearly see my house from here! :lol: Phil
  5. lorraine

    Pictorial images of Tapu

    With so many Tapu questions, i thought that a copy of a tapu could help understand. Thanks to Mustafa who has kindly put answers to the numbers. Edit: 23rd August 2005: the sections marked unit owner and right of access should have a tick or cross in the box, this shows that the builder...
  6. G

    Satellite Images showing Kusadasi Regards GarryP
  7. G

    Satellite Images showing Altinkum /Akbuk

    Map of Akbuk wanted Does anyone have or can anyone knock up an outline map of Akbuk showing: a) the different area's like Yesilkent, Kumkent, etc b) area's of historical interest (the old church, harbour) c) the key shops & restaurants in the town Something alongs the line of the grid map on...
  8. K

    Maps and Satellite images Altinkum & Akbuk

    I am looking for a map. I have seen other threads relating to maps some with very good information on them. However, what I am looking for is a map of the area where we have bought near Altinkum. The area is between the Apollo Temple and Mavisehir. We are 5 minutes walk from the beach at...
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