1. dearsley

    mental illness

    Has anyone any experience of the treatment of mental illness in Turkey? My wife suffers from bi polar and although we have (potentially) a wonderful life this dreadful illness is slowly destroying our entire family. My wife is 53, a beautiful and intelligent woman. But mood swings and attempts...
  2. C

    Chronic illness report

    I wish to join the SGK Health Scheme and have been told I have to undergo a Chronic Illness medical from the hospital before I can joint. Could anyone please tell me what this medical entails.
  3. bickern

    Paul Paul Shane dies aged 72 following a short illness

    RIP Paul, you brought a smile to many peoples faces. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TV actor and comedian Paul Shane, best know for his role as Ted Bovis on hit sitcom Hi-De-Hi has died aged 72. His agent said he died surrounded by his family at a...
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